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Funny, original, curious, quaint, touching, poetic, telling graveyard litterature.
A selection from printed sources

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      [ A ] : Abingdon, Adam, Adcock, Adlam, Aisquith, Alexander, Allen (2), Alston, Anderson (2), Andrews, Antoine, Applewhite, Armison, Armstrong, Atkinson

      [ B ] : Bailes, Baker, Barham, Bartholomew, Baskerville, Bausman, Beadle, Becke, Belasyse, Bend, Bernard, Betts, Billinge, Birdsall, Black, Blackington, Bodger, Bond, Bosher, Botts, Bown, Boxer, Boyson, Braxton, Breck, Bridger, Briggs, Broadbent, Brock, Brown (2), Buchanan, Buckett, Buel

      [ C ] : Caldwell, Cameron, Carpenter, Champion, Chapman (2), Charlton, Chauncy, Chew, Chewney, Christison, Clarke (3), Clay (2), Clow, Cochrane (2), Cohen, Constable, Convert, Conyers, Cook, Copland, Corbishley, Cotton, Coutes, Coutts, Cowan, Craig, Cran, Crease, Creer, Cross, Custis

      [ D ] : Dale, Dangerfield, Daniels, Darling, Darnbrough, Davenport, Davis (3), Dean (2), Denby, Dewey, Digby, Dixon, Doidge, Dorm, Dunbar, Dunn (2), Durham, Dutton (2), Dyer

      [ E ] : Easton, Edmonston, Egan, Ellery, Elliot(t), Englefield, Ensor, Evans (2)

      [ F ] : Fallick, Farington, Farrell, Farren, Ferrill, Fisher, Fiske, Fitzgerald, Flint, Flippin, Flockton, Forbes, Foster, Fowler, Frank, Frazier, Freland, Frost, Furzer

      [ G ] : Gallego, Gann, Gascoigne, Gatewood, Gawthmey, Gay, Gedge, Gerard, Gib, Gibbon, Gibson (2), Gilker, Girardin, Godfrey, Goff (2), Goldsmith, Goodwyn, Goodyer, Goyen, Graff, Graham, Graunt, Green, Greenhow, Greeves, Gregory, Griffin (2), Griffiths, Guifford, Gwathney

      [ H ] : Hackston, Hackett, Hahn, Halliburton, Hamilton, Harper, Harris, Harvey, Harvie (2), Haselton, Hay (2), Haynes, Haywood, Heaps, Hedden, Hendrie, Her(r)on, Hessel, Hill (2), Hinde, Hiseland, Hitchcock, Hodge, Hodgson, Honeywood, Hooker, Hookes, Hooks, Horne, Howe, Howells, Hughes, Hulm, Hunt, Hunter (2)

      [ I - J ] : Isnell, Ives, Jack, Jackson (3), Jacobs, Jannack, Jenkins, Jerrod, John, Johnson (4), Johnston, Johnstone, Jones, Jordan, Judah, Judson

      [ K ] : Keerl, Keneston, King (2), Knapp

      [ L ] : Lacroix, Laforest, Lambert, Larsen, Lawrance, Lea, Leake, Lecroix, Lee, Lesslie, Levien, Little, Littlepage, Livingston, Lorimer, Low, Lucas, Luttrell

      [ M ] : Macdougal, Mackenzie, MacMahon, Macnemara, Magee, Mainwaring, Mann, Marks (2), Markunas, Marshall, Mason, Mathewson, Matthews, Mayo, M'Chain, McIsack, McKee, Mille, Miller (2), M'Kay, Molloy, Molony, Monk, Monson, Moody, Morgan, Morrissey, Morton, Moss, Mound, Mount

      [ N ] : Neale, Neil, Neill, Nelson (2), Nicolls, Norris, Nowland, Nuttal

      [ O ] : Ogden, Oliver, Orgen, Orse

      [ P ] : Paddy, Page (2), Park, Partridge, Patison, Patterson (2), Pattison, Paul, Peirce, Pengree, Pepper, Philpots, Picket, Pickit, Pitman, Pitulloch, Plasket, Poole, Poticary, Powlett, Preston (2), Putland

      [ R ] : Raphael, Reddie, Reynold, Rezi, Richards (2), Richardson, Ricketts, Roberts (3), Robertson, Rogers, Rolt, Rose (2), Rosewell, Routleigh, Rozier, Rudyerd, Russell, Rutter

      [ S ] : Schockler, Schrub, Scot(t) (4), Scrope, Sewall, Sharpe, Sheafe, Sheldon, Sheppard, Simmons, Slater, Smith (6), Southgate, Spankie, Spicer, Spooner, Sprague, Spry, Stain, Stevenson, Stewart, Stocker, Stone, Stratton, Strong, Sturge, Swett, Symons

      [ T ] : Tait, Tallakerne, Taylor (2), Thacher, Thackwray, Thetcher, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Tipper, Tirwhitt, Tod, Tomlinson, Towell, Towers, Treen, Trollope, Trouin, Turar, Tute, Twinnoy

      [ V ] : Valentine, Venable, Vernon, Vernor

      [ W ] : Wade, Waldon, Walker (2), Wall, Wallis, Wanton, Waring, Watkins, Watson, Webb (3), Welch, Whitlock, Whitelooke, Wiley, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams (2), Williamson, Willoughby, Wilson, Wood, Woodruff, Woodward, Worme

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