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  • Bedfordshire

    CHEW, William
    Died March 13, 1712.
    Mural tablet in Dunstable Church, Bedfordshire, England

      Here lies the body of William Chew,
      That when alive was beloved by few;
      Now where he's gone, or how he fares,
      Nobody knows, nor nobody cares.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    DYER, William
    Buried in Colmworth, Bedfordshire, England.
    Monument inside the church erected in 1641 by Lady Dyer, his wife.

      My dearest dust, could not thy hasty day
      Afford thy drowsy patience leave to stay
      One hour longer, so that we might either
      Have set up, or gone to bed together!
      But since thy finished labour hath possessed
      Thy weary limbs with early rest,
      Enjoy it sweetly; and thy widow bride
      Shall soon repose her by thy slumbering side!
      Whose business now is to prepare
      My nightly dress and call to prayer.
      Mine eyes wax heavy, and the days grow old,
      The dew falls thick - my blood grows cold: -
      Draw, draw the closed curtains, and make room,
      My dear, my dearest dust, I come, I come.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    GOYEN, Susanna
    Buried in Dunstable Church, Bedfordshire, England

      Heer lyeth ye body of Susanna Goyen the Wife
      of John Goyen, who dyed ye 9th day of December
      1657. Her walking was _evel, Maid & Wife, as
      Ever was within the town of Minehead.
      Cursed be thay yt causeth Srtiff betweene Man &
      Wife, the Spirit of God knoweth yt I am free from
      there firy lying Tongues. those yt God hath brought
      together in trew Love let no ma put A sundr.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    JOHNSON, Patience
    Buried in St. Paul's, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

      Patience, wife of Shadrach Johnson
      The mother of 24 children, and died in childbed,
      June 6, 1717.
      Shadrack! Shadrach!
      The Lord granted unto thee
      Who laboured long and patiently
      In her vocation;
      But her patience being exhausted,
      She departed in the midst of her labour,
      Aetat. 38.
      May she rest from her labours!

      Source : Norfolk 1866

  • Berkshire

    ENGLEFIELD, Francis
    Buried in Englefield Church, Berkshire, England

      Under ye North East Window lieth ye Body of Sr. Francis Englefield
      Baronet : he was buried in May Ano. 1665. & in ye Grave where
      formely Sr. Edward Norris had been laid.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    MATTHEWS, John
    Speen Churchyard, Berkshire, England

      In memory of John Matthews, of Donnington, Berks, 1779.
      When Heaven with equal eyes our quick'ning dust
      Shall view, and judge the bad and praise the just,
      His humble merits may perhaps find room
      Where kings shall wish, but wish in vain to come.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    NELSON, Mary
    Chaddleworth, Berkshire, England

      To the memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Nelson, of this parish, who died
      1618, beinge the age of 30 years, and had issue 7 children

      If thou religious art that passest by
      Stay and reade on ; as thou art so was I :
      If thou art blest with children, and dost crave
      In God's feare them trayned up to have
      Reade on agayn, and to thyself thus tell
      Here she doth lye that was my parallell;
      Or art thou bounteous, hospitable, free,
      Belov'd of all, and they beloved of thee;
      Meeke, full of mercy, and soe truly good
      As flesh can be, and sponge of gentle blood?
      If thou art soe, to thine own dear selfe saye,
      Who on her grave my monument dit lay?
      But if to these knowest thyselfe but chaffe,
      Pass on thy waye, read not my epitaphe.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    RUDYERD, Benjamin
    Buried in West Woodhay Church, Berkshire, England

      John Graunt in memory of his Deare &
      Honoured Master Sr. Benjamin Rudy
      -erd Knight, hath affixed this Stone over
      his Grave wth. this Epitaph made by
      Sr. Benjamin in his
      younger years.
      Fond World leave off this foolish trick,
      Of making Epitaphs upon the dead,
      Rather go write them on the quick,
      Whose Souls in earthly flesh lye buried.
      For in this Grave lyes nought of me
      But my Souls Grave, two Graves well turn'd to one,
      Thus do I live from death made free.
      Trust me, good friend, I am not dead, but gone
      To goe, & Christ my Saviour alone.

      He was borne on St. Stevens day 1572, and
      died ye last of May Ano. Domi. 1658. leaving
      William Rudyerd Esq; his only
      Son & Heire.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

  • Buckinghamshire

    KING, Robert
    Buried in Langley Church, Buckinghamshire, England

      Robert King descended from the Saxon Kings in
      Devonshire 3d Son of John Bishop of London, brought
      up at Winchester School, and Christ Church in Oxford
      where he proceeded Mr. of Arts. After changing his
      Course, he went to the Wars in Holland, then to
      some Service by Sea. Lastly he engaged in a Voy-
      age to the Amazons in the West Indies, which Suc-
      cess to his Fortune and Health gave him a lingring
      preparation for his last Voyage of his Life, finished
      November 4th. in the 48. yeare of his Age Anno Domini 1654.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    M'KAY, Alex.
    Buried : Churchyard of Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, England

      Sacred to the memory of
      Alex. M'Kay,
      (Late of Glasgow)
      Who died 3rd June, 1834,
      Aged 26 years.
      Strong and athletic was my frame;
      Far from my native home I came,
      An manly fought with Simon Byrne;
      Alas! but lived not to return.
      Reader, take warning of my fate,
      Lest you should rue your case too late;
      If you ever have fought before,
      Determine now to fight no more.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Cambridgeshire

    ROSE, Christopher Esq.
    Buried in St. Andrew's Church at Cambridge; inscription upon a Hatchment at the North East Corner of the Chancel.

      In the Vault nigh this place rests the Body of Christopher Rose Esq;
      who was the chief Rebuilder of this (once ruin'd) Church, and moreover
      at his death bequeathed to the Minister of this place for ever the
      yearly Summe of ten pounds, who in consideration thereof is to preach
      his Commemoration Sermon every 30th of August, upon which day he
      departed this Life, in the year 1664.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    SYMONS, William
    Died 1753 aged 80 years.
    Buried at Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire, England
    Incription on a gravestone in wich is fixed an iron dish.

      Here lies my corpse, who was the man
      That loved a sop in the dripping pan;
      But now, believe me, I am dead,
      See here the pan stands at my head.
      Still for sops till the last I cried,
      But could not eat, and so I died.
      My neighbours, they perhaps will laugh
      When they do read my epitaph.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

  • Cheshire

    BROCK, John and Anne; mentioned in the epitaph of:
    MAINWARING, William and Martha
    Buried in Nantwich Church, epitaph on a tablet fixed to the east wall of the South Cross.

      Here lyeth interred the body of William Mainwaring of Wiche Malbanke gent.
      who died on the 22th day of Aprill 1637. As also of Martha his Wife
      daughter unto Thomas Mainwaring of the same place Gent She died on the
      7th day of September 1658. leaving issue only one daughter Anne wife
      to John Brock gent both now living.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    Buried in Gawsworth, Cheshire, England

      Reader take notice,
      That on ye 12 Feby 1760,
      Tho. Corbishley,
      A brave veteran Dragoon
      Here went into his quarters;
      But remember that when
      The trumpet calls
      He'll out and march again.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    JOHNSON, Samuel (commonly called Maggoty Johnson)
    Interred in a plantation or wood in Gawsworth, Cheshire

      Under this stone
      Rest the remains of Mr. Samuel Johnson, afterwards ennobled with the
      grander title of Lord Flame. Who, after having been in his life distinct
      from other men by the eccentricities of his genius, chose to retain
      the same character after his death, and was, at his own desire, buried
      here, May 5th, 1773, aged 82 yrs.

      Stay thou, whom chance directs, or ease persuades
      To seek the quiet of these Sylvan shades;
      Here, undisturb'd and hid from vulgar eyes,
      A Wit, Musician, Poet, player lies;
      A dancing master, too, in grace he shone,
      And all the acts of Opera were his own;
      In comedy well skill'd he drew Lord Flame,
      Acted the part and gained himself the name.
      Averse to strife, how oft he'd gravely say
      These peaceful groves should shade his breathless clay;
      That, when he rose again, laid here alone,
      No friend and he should quarrel for a bone;
      Thinking, that were some old lame Gossip nigh,
      She possibly might take his leg or thigh.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    MAINWARING, William and Martha
    Buried in Nantwich Church, epitaph on a tablet fixed to the east wall of the South Cross.

      Here lyeth interred the body of William Mainwaring of Wiche Malbanke gent.
      who died on the 22th day of Aprill 1637. As also of Martha his Wife
      daughter unto Thomas Mainwaring of the same place Gent She died on the
      7th day of September 1658. leaving issue only one daughter Anne wife
      to John Brock gent both now living.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    WATSON, Joseph and Elizabeth
    Memorial stone at Disley Church, Cheshire, England

      Here Lyeth Interred the
      Body of Joseph Watson, Bur-
      ied June the third 1753,
      Aged 104 years. He was
      Park Keeper at Lyme more
      than 64 years, and was ye First
      that Perfected the art of Dri-
      ving ye Stags. Here also Lyeth
      the Body of Elizabeth his
      wife, Aged 94 years, to whom
      He had been married 73 years.
      Reader take Notice, the Long-
      est Life is Short.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Cumberland

    BOND, Thomas and Mary
    Buried Horsley-Down, Cumberland, England

      Of Thomas Bond, and Mary his wife,
      She was temperate, chaste, and charitable;
      She was proud, peevish, and passionate.
      She was an affectionate wife, and a tender mother;
      Her husband and child whom she loved,
      Seldom saw her countenance, without a disgusting frown;
      Wilst she received visitors, whom she despised, with an endearing smile.
      Her behaviour was discreet towards strangers,
      Independent in her family,
      Abroad, her conduct was influenced by good breeding;
      At home, by ill temper,
      She was a professed enemy to flattery,
      And was seldom known to praise or commend;
      The talents in which she principally excelled,
      Were, difference of opinion, and discovering flaws and imperfections.
      She was an admirable economist,
      And, without prodigality,
      Dispensed plenty to every person in her family;
      Would sacrifice their eyes to a farthing candle,
      She sometimes made her husband happy with her good qualities;
      Much more frequently miserable - with her many failings;
      Insomuch, that in thirty years cohabitation he lamented
      That maugre all her virtues,
      He had not, in the whole, enjoyed two years of matrimonial comfort.
      At Length
      Finding that she had lost the affections of her husband,
      As well as the regard of her neighbours,
      Family disputes having been divulged by servants,
      She died of vexation, July 20, 1768,
      Aged 48 years.
      Her worn out husband survived her 4 months and 2 days,
      And departed this life Nov. 28, 1768,
      In the 54th year of his age.
      William Bond, brother to the deceased, erected this stone,
      as a weekly monitor to the surviving wives of this parish,
      That they may avoid the infamy
      Of having their memories handed to posterity
      With a Patch Work character.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

  • Derbyshire

    CLAY, Thomas.
    Buried : Churchyard of North Wingfield, Derbyshire, England

      In memory of Thomas, son of John and Mary Clay, who departed
      this life December 16th, 1724, in the 40th year of his age.

      What though no mournful kindred stand
      Around the solemn bier,
      No parents wring the trembling hand,
      Or drop the silent tear.
      No costly oak adorned with art
      My weary limbs inclose;
      No friends impart a winding sheet
      To deck my last repose.

      Note from Andrews : The cause of the foregoing epitaph is thus explained. Thomas Clay was a man of intemperate habits, and at the time of his death was indebted to the village innkeeper, named Adlington, to the amount of twenty pounds. The publican resolved to seize the body; but the parents of the deceased carefully kept the door locked until the day appointed for the funeral. As soon as the door was opened, Adlington rushed into the house, seized the corpse, and placed it on a form in the open street in front of the residence of the parents of the departed. Clay's friends refused to discharge the publican's account. After the body had been exposed for several days, Adlington committed it to the ground in a bacon chest.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    DALE, John
    Epitaph : Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

      In memory of John Dale.
      Know, all posterity, that in the year of grace 1797, the rambling
      remains of the above said John Dale were laid upon his two wives:

      This thing in life might cause some jealousy:
      Here all three lay together lovingly;
      But from embraces here no pleasure flows,
      Alike are here all human joys and woes.
      Here old John's rambling Sarah no more fears,
      And Sarah's chiding John no longer hears;
      A period's come to all their toilsome lives,
      The good man's quiet. Still are both his wives.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    HINDE, Thomas
    Bolsover churchyard, Derbyshire

      lies, in a horizontal position, the outside
      case of
      Thomas Hinde,
      Clock and Watch-maker,
      Who departed this life, wound up in hope of
      being taken in hand by his Maker, and being
      thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and set a-going
      in the world to come,
      On the 15th of August, 1836,
      In the 19th year of his age.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    WALL, David
    Inscription in the church at Ashover, Derbyshire, England

      To the Memory of
      David Wall,
      Whose superior performance on the
      bassoon endeared him to an
      extensive musical acquaintance.
      His social life closed on the
      4th Dec., 1796, in his 57th year.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Devon

    ADLAM, Richard
    Epitaph : Kingsteignton, Devon, England

      Richardus Adlam hujus ecclesiae Vicarius obit
      Feb. 10, 1670. Apostrophe ad Mortem.
      Dam'n'd tyrant, can't profaner blood suffice?
      Must priests that offer be the sacrifice?
      Go tell the genii that in Hades lye
      Thy triumphs o'er this Sacred Calvary,
      Till some just Nemesis avenge our cause,
      And force this kill-priest to revere good laws!

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    DOIDGE, Bartholomew and Joan
    Epitaph : Milton Abbot, Devon, England

      To Bartholomew Doidge - And Joan his wife.
      Joan was buried the 1st day of Feby.' 1681.
      Bartholomew was buried the 12th day fo Feby.' 1681.
      She first deceas'd - he a little try'd
      To live without her - lik'd it not, and died.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    FARINGTON, Elizabeth, wife of John Farington
    Born : Oxford
    Died in 1738
    Buried : Lyford, Devon, England

      In Oxford born, in Lyford dust I lie,
      Don't break my grave until ye judgment day.
      Then shall I rise, in shining glory bright,
      To meet my Lord with comfort and delight.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    GOLDSMITH, Thomas
    Buried : Dartmouth churchyard, Devon, England

      Thomas Goldsmith, who died 1714.
      He commanded the “Snap Dragon,” as Privateer belonging to this port,
      in the reign of Queen Anne, in which vessel he turned pirate, and
      amass'd much riches.

      Men that are virtuous serve the Lord;
      And the Devil's by his friends ador'd;
      and as they merit get a place
      Amidst the bless'd or hellish race;
      Pray then, ye learned clergy show
      Where can this brute, Tom Goldsmith, go?
      Whose life was one continued evil,
      Striving to cheat God, Man, and Devil.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    LUTTRELL, Nicholas
    Inscription : Saint Nectan, hamlet of Stoke, Town of Hartland, County of Devon, England

      If long consuming sicknesse be a deathe,
      I was long dead before I gave my breathe :
      But if in hopefull issue parents live,
      I'm not halfe dead, my beste part doth survive :
      Ther's noe life lost, my progeny hath this,
      My soule a better life enjoyes in blisse.
      Nicholas Luttrell. 1607.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    ROUTLEIGH, George
    Lydford churchyard, Devon, England

      Here lies, in horizontal position,
      the outside case of
      George Routleigh, Watchmaker;
      Whose abilities in that line were an honour
      to his profession.
      Integrity was the Mainspring, and prudence the
      of all the actions of his life.
      Humane, generous, and liberal,
      his Hand never stopped
      till he had relieved distress.
      So nicely regulated were all his motions,
      that he never went wrong,
      exept when set a-going
      by people
      who did not know his Key;
      even then he was easily
      set right again.
      He had the art of disposing his time so well,
      that his hours glided away
      in one continual round
      of pleasure and delight,
      until an unlucky minute put a period to
      his existence.
      He departed this life
      Nov. 14, 1802,
      aged 57 :
      wound up,
      in hopes of being taken in hand
      by his Maker;
      and of being thoroughly cleaned, repaired,
      and set a-going
      in the world to come.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    STONE, John
    Epitaph : Sidbury, Devon, England

      John Stone, Freemason, Jan. 1617.
      On our great corner-Stone this Stone relied
      For blessing to his building, loving most
      To build God's temples, in works he died,
      And lived the Temple of the Holy Ghost,
      In whose hard life is proved and honest fame,
      God can of Stones raise seed to Abraham.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    VERNON, James (Esq.)
    Buried St. Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon, England

      Here lies the body of James Vernon, Esq. only surviving son of
      Admiral Vernon, died 23rd July, 1753.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    VERNOR, James (Esq.)
    Buried St. Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon, England

      Here lies the body of James Vernor, Esq. only surviving son of
      Admiral Vernor, died 23rd July, 1753.

      Source : Fairley 1873

  • Dorset

    HAYNES John
    Fordington churchyard, near Dorchester, Dorset, England

      In memory of
      John Haynes
      Aged 77. Died 1799

      As those we love decay, we die in part,
      String after String is severed from the Heart,
      Till loosened life's at last but crumbling clay,
      Without one pang is glad to fall away,
      Unhappy he who latest feels the blow,
      Whose eyes have wept o'er every friend laid low,
      Dragged lingering on from partial Death, to Death,
      Till dying, all he can resign is breath.

      Source : Maiben 1870

  • Durham

    HUNTER, John
    Buried in 1800 at Hurworth-on-Tees, County Durham, England

      My Guaging Sticks is now laid by,
      My sliding rule neglected lie
      My Box my Tape and likewise Branans,
      Must now be put in other hands;
      My Brass receiver and my float
      Will never more engage my thought.
      My Worke is off My Gages Cast
      My Book end's closed, I've done at last.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    PRESTON, Richard
    Darlington, County Durham, England
    Died in 1765
    Translated from Latin

      Under this marble are depos'd
      Poor Preston's sad remains.
      Alas! too true for ligh-rob'd jest
      To sing in playful strains.
      Ye dread possessors of the grave,
      Who feed on others's woe,
      Abstain from Richard's small remains,
      And grateful pity shew;
      For many a weighty corpse he gave
      To you with liberal hand;
      Then sure his little body may
      Some small respect command.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    TROLLOPE, Robert
    17th century English architect
    Buried at St Mary's Church, Gateshead, Co Durham

      Here lies Robert Trollop
      Who made yon stones roll up
      When death took his soul up
      His body filled this hole up

      Source : Wikipedia - Robert Trollope (30 Dec 2010)

  • Essex

    ALSTON, Ned
    Essex Highwayman
    Buried : Churchyard at Nayland, Suffolk, England

      Here sleepeth in dust,
      Ned Alston
      The notorious Essex Highwayman,
      Ob. Anno Dom. 1769
      Aetat. 40.
      My friends, here I am - Death at last has prevail'd,
      And for once all my projects are baffled,
      'Tis a blessing to know, tho', when once a man's nail'd,
      He has no further dread of the scaffold.
      My life was cut short by a shot thro' the head,
      On his Majesty's highway at Dalston-
      So as now 'Number One''s numbered one of the dead,
      All's one if he's Alston of All-stone.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    DEAN, Charles John
    Buried at Chelmsford Churchyard, Essex, England

      Charles John Dean
      Born Decr 10 - 1816
      Died Augt 26 - 1846

      Life Came - how? whence? None save its Fount may tell,
      It Went - as moments vanish, which though gone,
      Are Still a part of the inscrutable
      Eternity, and circle round its throne,
      A chain from which no link hath ever flown :
      And may not Everlasting Life too claim
      It's emanations - harvest from the sown -
      Spray from It's water-drops - light from It's flame -
      As glorious rainbows rise where darkest clouds first came.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    DEAN, Stephen
    Buried at Chelmsford Churchyard, Essex, England

      Reader - if thou art fatherless, revere
      This sacred spot - A Father lieth here,
      Enough why bare an aching heart to thee?
      Thou knowest, feelest all my agony.

      Stephen Dean
      Born December 17th 1772
      Died August 15th 1832

      His enemy might write his epitaph,
      Still would his spirit based on rectitude,
      Stand firm - Integrity's Colossus o'er
      Slander's eternal stream - beyond all reach.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    HONEYWOOD, Michael (Very Rev.)
    Epitaph in Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire, England

      Here lieth the Body of
      Michael Honeywood, D.D.,
      Dean of Lincoln, who died Sept. 7, 1681, aged 85.
      He was Grandchild, and one of the 367 persons
      That Mary, the Wife of Robert Honeywood, Esq.,
      Did see before she died lawfully descended from her;
      That is,
      Sixteen of her own body,
      One hundred and fourteen Grandchildren,
      Two hundred and twenty-eight of the third generation,
      And nine of the fourth.

      (Lady Mary Honeywood died at Markshall in Essex, in
      1620, aged ninety-two, and in the forty-fourth year of her

      Source : Johnson 1883

    RICKETTS, Sarah
    Died in 1767, aged 68
    Inscription from Barking, Essex, England

      Here honest Sarah Ricketts lies,
      By man much esteem'd,
      Who really was no otherwise.
      Than what she ever seemed.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    SPICER, Richard Ward, Dudley Adcock and their children.
    Buried at Saffron Walden Churchyard, Essex, England

      To the memory of
      Richard Ward Spicer
      Born May 13th 1789, Died June 25th 1853.
      Dudley Adcock Spicer
      Wife of the above,
      Born Decr. 28th 1790, Died Septr. 15th 1852.
      Also of their children,
      Matthew W. Spicer Born Septr. 28. 1812 Died May 3. 1852
      Sarah W. Spicer Born Feby. 26. 1814 Died June 5. 1814
      Richard Spicer Born Novr. 14. 1815 Died June 15. 1830
      Dudley Spicer Born July 20. 1818 Died June 26. 1827
      Harriett Spicer Born Augt. 10. 1820 Died Feby. 7. 1855
      Sarah Spicer Born May 6. 1822 Died Mar. 10. 1823
      William Spicer Born Feby. 21. 1824 Died Septr. 9. 1824
      George S. Spicer Born Septr. 21. 1825 Died Decr. 31. 1844
      Susannah Spicer Born May 30. 1827 Died Octr. 7. 1838
      Richard Spicer Born Octr. 30. 1830 Died May 4. 1833
      Dudley Spicer Born June 13. 1832 Died May 1. 1833
      Also Jane Wife of Matthew Spicer,
      And Daughter of Wm. Low of this Town,
      Who Died Octr. 13th 1852 Aged 37.

      Source : Maiben 1870

  • Gloucestershire

    BRIDGER, Samuel
    Died 1650
    Inscription in Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire, England

      Receiver of this College Rents, he paid
      His Debt to Nature, and beneath he's laid
      To rest, until his summons to remove,
      At the last Audit, to the Choir above.

      Source : Howe 1901

    DUTTON, William
    Buried in Sherborne Church, Gloucestershire, England

      Here resteth the body of John Dutton, Son and heir Apparent of William
      Dutton Esq; and Mary his Wife. He was buried the 8. day of Nov. 1664.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    PEIRCE (Pierce, Pearce), Thomas
    Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England

      Here lyeth Thomas Peirce, whom no man taught,
      Yet he in iron, brass, and silver wrought;
      He jacks, and clocks, and watches (with art) made
      And mended, too, when others' work did fade.
      Of Berkely, five times Mayor this artist was,
      And yet this Mayor, this artist, was but grass.
      When his own watch was down on the last day,
      He that made watches had not made a key
      To wind it up; but useless it must lie,
      Until he rise again no more to die.
      Died February 25th, 1665, aged 77.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    TURAR, Thomas and Mary
    Buried in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

      Here lie Tho. Turar, and Mary, his wife. He was twice Master of the
      Company of Bakers, and twice Churchwarden of this parish.
      He died March 6, 1654. She died May 8th, 1643.

      Like to the baker's oven is the grave,
      Wherein the bodyes of the faithful have
      A setting in, and where they do remain
      In hopes to rise, and to be drawn again;
      Blessed are they who in the Lord are dead,
      Though set like dough, they shall be drawn like bread.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Hampshire

    BUCKETT, John
    Gravestone in Old St Peter's Churchyard, Stockbridge, Hampshire, England

      In memory of John Buckett,
      Many year's landlord of the King's
      Head Inn, in this Borough,
      Who departed this life Nov. 2, 1802.
      Aged 67 years.
      And is, alas! poor Buckett gone?
      Farewell, convivial, honest John.
      Oft at the well, by fatal stroke,
      Buckets, like pitchers, must be broke.
      In this same motley shifting scene,
      How various have thy fortunes been!
      Now lifted high - now sinking low.
      To-day thy brim would overflow,
      Thy bounty then would all supply,
      To fill and drink, and leave thee dry;
      To-morrow sunk as in a well,
      Content, unseen, with truth to dwell:
      But high or low, or wet or dry,
      No rotten stave could malice spy.
      Then rise, immortal Buckett, rise,
      And claim thy station in the skies;
      'Twixt Amphora and Pisces shine,
      Still guarding Stockbridge with thy sign.

      Source : Andrews 1899
      See also http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/213568

    HARPER, Richard and Mary
    Landport Churchyard, Hampshire, England

      to the Memory of
      Richard Harper
      who departed this life Novr. 10th. 1848
      Aged 87 Years
      Also Mary Wife of the above
      who departed this life April 20th. 1850.
      Aged 81 Years.
      They was what they was, what every
      good Man and Woman ought to be;
      that was they.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    LEAKE, Thomas
    Buried : Blidworth, Hampshire, England

      Here rests T. Leake whos vertues were so known
      In all these parts, that this engraved stone
      Need naught relate but his untimely ende,
      Which was in single fight : whylste youth did lende
      His ayde to valor, hee wth ease orepast
      Many slyghte dangers greater than this laste.
      But wilfull fate in these things governs all.
      He towld out threescore yeares before his fall:
      Much of wh tyme hee wasted in this wood,
      Much of his wealth, and laste of all his blood.
      1608. Feb. 4.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    THETCHER, Thomas
    Buried : Winchester Cathedral yard, Hampshire, England

      In memory of
      Thomas Thetcher,
      a Grenadier in the North Regiment of Hants Militia,
      who died of a violent fever contracted by drinking small beer when hot
      the 12th of May, 1764, aged 26 years.
      In grateful remembrance of whose universal goodwill
      towards his comrades this stone is placed here at their expense, as
      a small testimony of their regard and concern.
      Here sleeps in peace a Hampshire Grenadier,
      Who caught his death by drinking cold small beer;
      Soldiers, be wise from his untimely fall,
      And when ye're hot drink strong, or none at all.

      This memorial being decayed, was restored by the officers of the garrison, A.D. 1781.

      An honest soldier never is forgot,
      Whether he die by musket or by pot.

      This stone was placed by the North Hants Militia, when disembodied at Winchester,
      on 26 April, 1802, in consequence of the original stone being destroyed.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Hertfordshire

    GIBSON, Anne
    Died in 1611
    Monumental inscription : Wood Street, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England

      Anne Gibson
      Mentis vis Magna
      What, is she dead? doth hee survive?
      No, both are dead, and both alive.
      She lives, hee's dead, by love, through grievinge:
      In him, for her, yet dead, yet living.
      Both dead and living? then what is gone?
      One halfe of both, not any one.

      One Mind, one Faith, one Hope, one Grave:
      In Life, in Death, they had, & still they have.
      Amor coniugalis aeternus.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    SHEPPARD, Thomas
    Buried : St. Albans Abbey, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England

      In memory of Thomas Sheppard, son of Thomas and Mary Sheppard.
      Died February 15th, 1766, aged 30 years:
      Great was my grief, I could not rest;
      God called me hence, - He tought it best;
      Unhappy marriage was my fate,
      I did repent when it was too late.

      Source : Fairley 1873

  • Kent Epitaphs are listed on a separate page

  • Lancashire

    TAYLOR, John
    From Bolton le Moors, Lancashire, England
    Tombstone in front of Christ Church on Academy Street, Poughkeepsie, New York

      In this spot
      was interred
      John Taylor
      Attorney at Law
      the eldest son
      of Doctor John Taylor
      of Bolton le Moors, England.
      who died of the yellow fever
      Sept. 11th, 1805
      Aged 36 years

      Far from his kindred friends and native skies
      Here mouldering in the dust poor Taylor lies.
      Firm was his mind, and fraught with various lore
      And his warm heart was never cold before.
      He lov'd his country, lov'd that spot of earth,
      Which gave a Hampden, Milton, Bradshaw birth,
      But when that country, dead to all but gain,
      Bowed her base neck and hugged the oppressor's chain.
      Loathing the abject scene he drooped and sighed.
      Crossed the wide wave and here untimely died.
      Stranger whate'er thy country's creed or hue,
      Go and like him the moral path pursue;
      Go, and for Freedom every peril brave.
      And nobly scorn to be or hold a slave.

      Source : The New York Times, January 5, 1896

  • Leicestershire

    ADCOCK, William
    Died 1786
    Buried : Melton Mowbray churchyard, Leicestershire, England

      My sledge and hammer lie reclined,
      My bellows too have lost their wind,
      My fire's exausted, forge decayed,
      And in the dust my vice is laid,
      My coal is spent, and I am gone,
      My last nail's drove, my work is done.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    GREGORY, Charles; and Charlotte his daughter
    Leicester Cemetery, Leicestershire, England

      to the memory of
      Charles Gregory
      Who died Octr. 8th. 1863,
      Aged 76 Years
      Charlotte Gregory
      Daughter of the above
      Who died Octr. 8th. 1863,
      Aged 30 Years

      She nobly sacrificed her life in vainly attempting to rescue her Father from poisonous gas in a cistern, and thus ended a vrituous life in an act of paternal affection.

      They stood one moment in lifes glow,
      The next both sire and child lay low:
      He breathed the gas's fatal breaths,
      She rushed to save but rushed to death:
      We found her stretched upon his breast,
      And thus we lay them down to rest:
      And breathe our prayer in humble faith,
      Be death in life their life in death.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    JOHNSON, Sarah
    Gravestone in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England

      In memory of Sarah Johnson Wife of Moses Johnson, Who died Aug 4th 1819, aged 28. S Johnson was tapped for ascites 28 times 6 operations by Mr. Vickers. 22 by Mr. Brown of Wimeswould, the following is the stated periods.
      peri’ds G Q P peri’d G Q P peri’d G Q P
      1st 8 .. .. 10 13 .. .. 19 10 3
      2nd 9 .. .. 11 13 2 .. 20 10 2 ..
      3rd 11 .. .. 12 18 3 .. 21 11 .. ..
      4th 10 .. .. 13 14 2 1 22 12 .. .
      5th 12 .. .. 14 12 1 .. 23 10 . ..
      6th 13 .. .. 15 10 1 .. 24 10 .. ..
      7th 11 2 .. 16 10 2 .. 25 9 1 1
      8th 14 .. .. 17 8 2 . 26 8 1 ..
      9th 14 2 .. 18 10 2 .. 27 10 2 .. 28 8 .. ..
      Gal Q P
      Total In 6 years 310. 1. 1.
      Oh Reader reflect when viewing of this stone What sore afflictions in my life I’ve bourne And my debilitated state was given Two tender Babes but death had laid… :

      Source : Martin Beckford : BBC reveals Britain's most unusual epitaphs. The Telegraph (UK), September 24, 2007.

    LAMBERT, Daniel
    Born in Leicester
    Buried in Stamford Baron St. Martin, England (was Northamptonshire, now Lincolnshire)

      Altus in animo, in corpore maximus.
      In remembrance of that prodigy in Nature,
      Daniel Lambert.
      A native of Leicester, who was possessed of an exalted, convivial mind;
      and in personal greatness had no competitor;
      He measured 3 ft. 1 in. round the legs, 9 ft. 4 in. round the body,
      and weighed 52 st. 11 lb.
      He departed this life on the 21st June, 1809,
      Aged 39 years.
      As a testimony of respect, this stone is erected by his friends in Leicester.

      Source : Eaton 1900

  • Lincolnshire Epitaphs are listed on a separate page

  • London

    BROWN, Charles
    Lived in London
    Buried : Parish of Leslie, Fife, Scotland

      Here lies the dust of Charles Brown,
      Some time a wright in London town,
      When coming home parents to see,
      And of his years being twenty-three,
      Of a decay with a bad host
      He died upon the Yorkshire coast
      The 10th of August 1752
      We hope his soul in Heaven rests now.

      Source : Rogers 1871 v.2

    ORGEN, John and Helen
    Buried St Olave Hart Street, London, England

      In God is my whole trust. I. O. 1591
      Iohn Orgen and Helen his wife.
      As I was so be ye : as I am you shall be.
      What I gave, that I have,
      What I spent, that I had:
      Thus I count all my cost,
      That I left, that I lost.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    PRESTON, Robert
    Waiter at the Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap, London
    Buried in the graveyard of St. Michael's Church, London, England, then removed to the yard of St. Magnus the Martyr, London, England

      Here lieth the Body of Robert Preston
      late Drawer at the Boars head Tavern
      in Great Eastcheap, who departed this life
      March the 16 Anno Dom 1730
      Aged 27 Years

      Bacchus to give the toping Word Surprize
      Producd one Sober Son, and here he lies
      Tho nursd among full Hogsheads he defyd
      The charms of Wine and evry vice beside
      O Reader if to Justice thou rt inclind
      Keep honest Preston daily in thy mind
      He drew good Wine took care to fill his Pots
      Had sundry virtues that outweigh'd his faults
      You that on Bacchus have the like depandance
      Pray copy Bob in Measure and Attendance

      Source : Andrews 1899

    WALKER, Thomas
    Died 1592
    Buried All Hallows Lombard Street, London, England

      Man's life betimes, trie it who shall,
      Shall finde noe tyme in it to trust:
      Sometime to climbe, sometime to fall,
      Till life of man be brought to dust.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    WEBB, Thomson
    Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England

      To the memory of
      Thomson Webb
      who died Novr 14th. 1855.
      Aged 54 Years

      Full many a flower that blossom'd in his path
      He stooped to gather, and the fruit he pluck'd
      That hung from many a tempting bough, - All but
      The Rose of Sharon, and the Tree of Life:
      This, flung its fragrance to the gale, and spread
      Its blushing beauties, - that its healing leaves
      Display'd, and fruit immortal, - all in vain!
      He neither tasted, nor admired, - and found
      All that he chose and trusted, fair but false!
      The flowers no sooner gathered than they faded,
      The fruits enchanting, dust and bitterness,
      And all the world a wilderness of care!
      Wearied, disappointed, and near the close
      Of this eventful course, he sougt the plant
      That long his heedless haste o'erlook'd, and proved
      Its sovereign virtues, - underneath its shade
      Outstreched, drew from his wounded feet the thorn,
      Shed the last tear, breath'd the last sigh, and here
      This lov'd one rests, in more than trembling hope.

      Source : Maiben 1870

  • Middlesex Epitaphs are listed on a separate page

  • Norfolk

    GRIFFITHS, George
    Great Yarmouth churchyard, Norfolk, England

      To the memory of George Griffiths, of the Shropshire Militia, who died
      Feb. 26th, 1807, in consequence of a blow received in a quarrel with
      his comrade.
      Time flies away as nature on its wing,
      I in a battle died (not for my King).
      Words with my brother soldier did take place,
      Which shameful is, and always brings disgrace.
      Think not the worse of him who doth remain,
      For he as well as I might have been slain.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    SMITH, Isaac; and BODGER, Samuel.
    Great Yarmouth churchyard, Norfolk, England

      To the memory of Isaac Smith, who died March 24th, 1808, and Samuel
      Bodger, who died April 2nd, 1808, both of the Cambridgeshire Militia.
      The tyrant Death did early us arrest,
      And all the magazines of life possest :
      No more the blood its circling course did run,
      But in the veins like icicles it hung;
      No more the hearts, now void of quickening heat,
      The tuneful march of vital motion beat;
      Stiffness did into every sinew climb,
      And a short death crept cold through every limb.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Northamptonshire

    BAILES John
    A Stone Slab on the Front of All Saints' Church, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

      Here under lyeth
      John Bailes Born in this
      Town he was above 126
      years old & had his hearing
      Sight and Memory to ye last
      He lived in 3 Centurys
      & was buried the 14th of Apr

      Source : Maiben 1870

    BERNARD, Robert
    Inscription : North aisle of Abington Church near Northampton, Northamptonshire, England

      To the Memory of Sir Robt. Bernard Knt. & Bart. Serjeant at Law, Son
      of Francis Bernard Esq; who was 2d Son of Francis Bernard Esq; Lord
      of this Mannor. He was twice very happy; first, in the marriage of
      Elisabeth Tallakerne daughter of Sr. John Tallakerne, by whom he had
      many Sons & daughters. & after her decease, he was very happy a Second
      time in the marriage of Elisabeth Digby, Relict of Robert Ld Digby,
      who was a good Mother though she had no Children. But he was most
      happy in that not weary at all of this Life he was willing to depart
      to a better in the 66th. year of his Age.
      A.D. 1666.
      His Body lies interred near this Monument, which was due to so good
      a Father from his Eldest Son & Heir Sr. John Bernard Knt.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    LAMBERT, Daniel
    Buried Stamford Baron St. Martin, England (was Northamptonshire, now Lincolnshire)

      Altus in animo, in corpore maximus.
      In remembrance of that prodigy in Nature,
      Daniel Lambert.
      A native of Leicester, who was possessed of an exalted, convivial mind;
      and in personal greatness had no competitor;
      He measured 3 ft. 1 in. round the legs, 9 ft. 4 in. round the body,
      and weighed 52 st. 11 lb.
      He departed this life on the 21st June, 1809,
      Aged 39 years.
      As a testimony of respect, this stone is erected by his friends in Leicester.

      Source : Eaton 1900

    WORME, Richard (Sir)
    Inscription in Peterborough Cathedral, Northamptonshire, Enland
    Died in 1589

      Does Worm eat Worme? Knight Worme this truth confirms,
      For here, with worms, lies Worme, a dish for worms.
      Does worm eat Worme? sure Worme will this deny,
      For Worme with worms, a dish for worms don't lie.
      'Tis so, and 'tis not so, for free from worms
      'Tis certain Worme is blest without his worms.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Northumberland

    HODGSON, Andrew
    Of Blyth, Northumburland, England
    Buried : Stepney churchyard, Middlesex, England

      To the memory of
      Andrew Hodgson
      of Blyth, in the County
      of Northumberland; Master Mariner:
      who departed this life May 14th, 1810.
      Aged 21 Years.

      At anchor laid remote from home,
      Toiling I cry, Sweet Spirit come;
      Celestial breeze no longer stay,
      But swell my sails and speed my way.

      Fain would I mount, fain would I glow,
      And loose my cable from below;
      But I can only spread my sail,
      Thou, thou, must breathe th'auspicious gale.

      Source : Roffe 1859

    PARTRIDGE, William, from Berwick-upon-Tweed. metionned in the epitaph of:
    PARTRIDGE, Oliver
    Buried : Hatfield, Massachusetts

      Here lies interred the remains of Oliver Partridge, esq. who died, the
      21 of July, A. D. 1792, in the 81 year of his age.
      His usefulness, in church and state,
      Was early known to men;
      Blest with an active life, till late,
      And Happy in his end.
      The family of Partridge here interred are descendants from William
      Partridge, who came from Berwick on Tweed in Great Britain and died in
      Hadley. Oliver was the son of Edward, Edward was the son of Samuel,
      Samuel was the son of William, who was one of the first adventurers in
      forming settlements on Connecticut river in the 17 century.

      Source : Alden 1814 v.3

  • Nottinghamshire

    FRELAND, Mrs.
    A considerable landowner.
    Died in 1741.
    Buried : Churchyard of Edwalton, Nottinghamshire, England

      She drank good ale, strong punch and wine,
      And lived to the age of ninety-nine.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    NEIL, Richard; BIRDSALL, John.
    Buried : Edwinstowe churchyard, Nottinghamshire, England

      This awful Monitor to Man's Security,
      Richard Neil
      Who after having brav'd
      The boisterous Billows of the Biscan Shore
      The gaping Terrors of the rude Atlantic,
      And fulminating Wrath of haughty France
      In Fights victorious,
      At 39, in Vital Plenitude,
      And the meridian of well-earned friendship
      By some disastrous, unforseen Event,
      Yielded his Social Life
      To the minutia of his Element,
      in Thoresby Lake.

      As did the partner of his fleeting Breath,
      John Birdsall,
      Of youthful 28; but just immersed
      In Joys hymenial,
      Anxious to meet his lov'd, expecting Bride
      Was too arrested by the liquid Wave.
      Alike deserving and alike beloved,
      Fell two lamented youths
      Together, in one unpropitious Night
      The 29 of Jan., 1800;
      And this earth
      Them shall retain

      Source : The New York Times, June 30, 1884

    ROBERTS, Esther
    Epitaph from Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England

      Here lies Esther, the wife of James Roberts,
      Forty-six years. She was a loving wife, a
      tender Mother - a good Housekeeper, and
      Staid at Home. She died October the
      7th, 1773. In the 64th year of her age.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    SMITH, Robert
    Died in 1782
    Buried in the churchyard of Ratcliffe on Soar, Nottinghamshire, England

      Fifty-five years it was, and something more,
      Clerk of this parish he the office bore,
      And in that space, 'tis awful to declare,
      Two generations buried by him were!

      Source : Andrews 1899

    THOMPSON, Francis
    Died July 6, 1739
    Buried : Ollerton churchyard, Nottinghamshire, England

      Beneath the droppings of this spout,
      Here lies the body once so stout, of Francis Thompson.
      A soul this carcase once possess'd,
      By all who knew the owner best.
      The Rufford records can declare,
      His actions, who for seventy year,
      Both drew and drank its potent beer!
      Fame mentions not in all time,
      In this great Butler the least crime, to stain his reputation.
      To envy's self we now appeal,
      If aught of fault she can reveal, to make her declaration.
      Here rest, good shade, nor hell nor vermin fear,
      Thy virtues guard thy soul, thy body gook strong beer.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    WALKER, John
    Buried in Bridgeford-on-the-Hill, Nottinghamshire, England.

      Sacred to the memory of John Walker, the only son of Benjamin and Ann Walker,
      Engineer and Pallisade Maker, died September 22nd, 1832, aged 36 years.

      Farewell, my wife and father dear;
      My glass is run, my work is done,
      And now my head lies quiet here.
      That many an engine I've set up,
      And got great praise from men,
      I made them work on British ground,
      And on the roaring seas;
      My engine's stopp'd, my valves are bad,
      And lie so deep within;
      No engineer could there be found
      To put me new ones in.
      But Jesus Christ converted me
      And took me up above,
      I hope once more to meet once more,
      And sing redeeming love.

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Oxfordshire

    CONSTABLE, Philip
    From Yorkshire
    Inscription in Steeple Barton Church, Oxfordshire

      Here lyeth the Body of Sr. Philip
      Constable of Everingham in the County
      of York Baronet, whose whole Estate
      was confiscated by the Usurpers for
      his Loyalty to K. Charles the first.
      He died Febr. 25. Anno Dno 1664.
      This Sr. Philip was Father to Katherine
      Wife of Edward Sheldon of Steeple
      Barton Esq; which Edward was Son
      of Ralph, and he the younger son of
      Edward Sheldon of B... and he
      the son and heir of Ralph Sheldon
      of the said place, in Com. Wig...
      which last purchased one of the
      three Mannors in Steeple Barton
      of the Dorms whith the house
      belonging thereto (built by John
      Dorm) which is now possest by
      Ralph Sheldon, Son and heir of
      Edward Sheldon by Katherine
      Constable his Wife.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

    FARINGTON, Elizabeth, wife of John Farington
    Born : Oxford
    Died in 1738
    Buried : Lyford, Devon, England

      In Oxford born, in Lyford dust I lie,
      Don't break my grave until ye judgment day.
      Then shall I rise, in shining glory bright,
      To meet my Lord with comfort and delight.

      Source : Norfolk 1866

    RICHARDS, Ric.
    Buried in Banbury Churchyard, Oxfordshire, England

      To the memory of Ric. Richards, who by a Gangreen firs lost a Toe, afterwards a Leg, and lastly his Life on the 7th day of April, 1656.

      Ah! cruel Death, to make 3 Meals of one!
      To taste and eat, and Eat 'till all was gone.
      But know, thou Tyrant! when the Trump shall call,
      He'll find his Feet, and stand when thou shalt fall.

      Source : Eaton 1900

    WILKINSON, Elizabeth
    Died December 8, 1654, age 41.
    Buried in Great Milton Church, Oxfordshire, England

      The Memory of the Just is Blessed, Prov. 10. 3.
      Sacred to the Glory of God, and to the blessed
      Memory of that eminent Servant of Jesus
      Christ Mrs. Eliz. Wilkinson, late Wife
      to Dr. Hen. Wilkinson Principal of
      Magdalen Hall in Oxford, she was found
      in the faith and truth in Life, to her to
      live was Christ, and to die was gain.
      She liv'd much desir'd, and dyed much
      lamented. She slept in Jesus, being fully
      assur'd of a glorious Resurrection. her last
      words were (I have finish'd my Course)
      She chearfully resign'd up her self to Jesus
      Christ Dec. 8th. 1654 of her Age 41.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

  • Shropshire

    ABINGDON, John
    Died in 1817
    Buried in Ludlow churchyard, Shropshire, England

      John Abingdon
      who for forty years drove the Ludlow stage to London,
      a trusty servant, a careful driver, and an honest man.

      His labor done, no more to town,
      His onward course he bends;
      His team's unshut, his whip's laid up,
      And here his journey ends.
      Death locked his wheels and gave him rest,
      And never more to move,
      Till Christ shall call him with the blest
      To heavenly realms above.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    CHARLTON, John (Esq.)
    Morville Churchyard, Shropshire, England

      He was for many years master of Wheatland Foxhounds, and died
      January 20th, 1843, aged 63, regretted by all that knew him: -
      Of this world's pleasures I have had my share,
      And few the sorrows I was doomed to bear.
      How oft have I enjoyed the noble chase
      Of hounds and foxes, striving for the race;
      But, hark! the knell of death calls me away,
      Lo, sportsmen all, farewell! I must obey.

      Source : Fairley 1873

  • Somerset

    HODGE, Thomas (Captain)
    Memorial inscription in the Church of St Mary, Wedmore, Somerset, England

      Sacred to the memorie of Captain Thomas Hodges, of the county of
      Somerset, esq.; who at the siege of Antwerpe, aboute 1583, with
      unconquered courage, wonne two ensignes from the enemy, where,
      receiving his las wound, he gave three legacies : his soule to the
      Lord Jesus, his body to be lodged in Flemish earth, his heart to be
      sent to his dear wife in England: -

      Here lies his wounded heart, for whome
      One kingdom was too small a roome:
      Two kingdoms therefore have thought good to part
      So stout a body and so brave a heart.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    MILLER, Lady
    Monument in Bath Abbey, Somerset, England.

      Near this monument are deposited the Remains of
      Lady Miller,
      Wife to Sir John Miller, Bart., of Bath-Easton Villa:-
      She departed this life, at he Hotwells of Bristol, the 24th
      June, 1781, In the Forty-first year of her Age.

      Devoted Stone! amidst the wrecks of Time,
      Uninjured bear thy Miller's spotless Name:
      The Virtues of her Youth, and ripen'd Prime,
      The tender thought, th' enduring Record claim.

      When clos'd the numerous eyes that round this Bier
      Have wept the Loss of wide-extended Worth;
      O, gentle Stranger, may one gen'rous Tear
      Drop, as thou bendest o'er this hallow'd Earth.

      Are Truth and Genius, Love and Pity, thine?
      With lib'ral Charity, and Faith sincere?
      Then rest thy wandering Step beneath this shrine;
      And greet a kindred Spirit hov'ring near.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    PITMAN, Mary
    Buried : Lansdown Cemetery, Somerset, England

      In memori ov
      Meri Pitman,
      Weif of Mr. Eizak Pitman,
      Fonetik Printer, ov this Siti.
      Deid 19 Agust 1857, edjed 64.
      “Preper tu mit thei God.”
      Emos 4 - 12.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    ROSEWELL, John
    Buried in Englishcombe, Somerset, England

      ob. 1687, aet. 79
      John Rosewell.
      This grave's a bed of roses : here doth ly
      John Rosewell, gent., his wife, nine children by.

      Source : Howe 1901

    WEBB, John
    Epitaph at Yeovil, Somerset, England

      John Webb,
      Son of John and Mary Webb, Clothiers, who died
      of the measles, May 3d, 1646, aged 3 years.

      How still he lies,
      and clos'd his eyes,
      That shone as bright as day :
      The cruel measles,
      Like clothiers' teasles,
      Have scratched his life away.

      Cochineal red
      His lips have fled,
      Which now are blue and black.
      Dear pretty wretch,
      How thy limbs stretch,
      Lile cloth upon the rack.

      Repress thy sighs,
      The husband cries,
      My dear, and not repine,
      For ten to one,
      When God's work's done,
      He'll come off superfine.

      Source : Johnson 1883

  • Staffordshire

    BILLINGE, William
    Longnor churchyard, Staffordshire, England

      In memory of William Billinge, who was Born in a Corn Field at Fawfield
      head, in this Parish, in the year 1679. At the age of 23 years he
      enlisted into His Majesty's service under Sir George Rooke, and was at
      the taking of the Fortress of Gibralter in 1704. He afterwards served
      under the Duke of Marlborough at Ramillies, fought on the 23rd of May,
      1706, where he was wounded by a musket-shot in his thigh. Afterwards
      returned to his native country, and with manly courage defended his
      sovereign's rights in the Rebellion in 1715 and 1745. He died within
      the space of 150 yards of where he was born, and was interred here the
      30th January, 1791, aged 112 years.
      Billeted by death, I quartered here remain,
      And when the trumpet sounds I'll rise and march again.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    JONES, Joseph
    Died 1690
    Buried : Wolverhamton Churchyard, Staffordshire, England.

      Here lies the bones
      Of Joseph Jones,
      Who ate whilst he was able;
      But once o'erfed,
      He drop't down dead
      And fell beneath the table.
      When from the tomb,
      To meet his doom,
      He rises amidst sinners;
      Since he must dwell
      In heav'n of hell,
      Take him - which gives best dinners.

      Source : Howe 1901

    SLATER, Joseph
    Died November 21, 1822, aged 49 years.
    Buried in Uttoxeter churchyard, Staffordshire, England

      Here lies one who strove to equal time,
      A task too hard, each power too sublime;
      Time stopt his motion, o'erthrew his balance-wheel,
      Wore off his pivots, tho' made of hardened steel;
      Broke all his springs, the verge of life decayed,
      And now he is as though he'd ne'er been made.
      Such frail machine till time's no more shall rust,
      And the archangel wakes our sleeping dust;
      Then in assebled worlds in glory join,
      and sing - "The hand that made us is divine."

      Source : Andrews 1899

  • Suffolk

    ALSTON, Ned
    Churchyard at Nayland, Suffolk, England

      Here sleepeth in dust,
      Ned Alston
      The notorious Essex Highwayman,
      Ob. Anno Dom. 1769
      Aetat. 40.
      My friends, here I am - Death at last has prevail'd,
      And for once all my projects are baffled,
      'Tis a blessing to know, tho', when once a man's nail'd,
      He has no further dread of the scaffold.
      My life was cut short by a shot thro' the head,
      On his Majesty's highway at Dalston-
      So as now 'Number One''s numbered one of the dead,
      All's one if he's Alston of All-stone.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    APPLEWHITE, Bridget
    Memorial slab in a church in Bramfield, Suffolk, England

      Between the Remains of her Brother EDWARD, And of her Husband ARTHUR, Here lies the Body of BRIDGETT APPLEWHAITE Once BRIDGETT NELSON. After the Fatigues of a Married Life, Born by her with Incredible Patience, For four Years and three Quarters, bating three Weeks; And after the Enjoiment of the Glorious Freedom Of an Easy and Unblemisht Widowhood, For four Years and Upwards, She Resolved to run the Risk of a Second Marriage-Bed But DEATH forbad the Banns -. And having with an Apoplectick Dart (The same Instrument with which he had Formerly Dispatcht her Mother,) Touch’t the most Vital part of her Brain; She must have fallen Directly to the Ground, (as one Thunder-strook,) If she had not been Catch’t and Supported By her Intended Husband. Of which Invisible Bruise, After a Struggle for above Sixty Hours, With that Grand Enemy to Life, (But the certain and Mercifull Friend to Helpless Old Age,) In Terrible Convulsions Plaintive Groans, or Stupefying Sleep, Without Recovery of her Speech, or Senses, She Dyed, on the 12th: day of Sept. in ye Year of our Lord 1737 and of her own Age 44. Behold! I come, as a Theif. Rev: 16th: ch: 15th: V But Oh! Thou source of Pious Cares Strict Judge Without Regard Grant, tho’ we Go hence Unaware, We Go not Unprepared

      Source : Martin Beckford : BBC reveals Britain's most unusual epitaphs. The Telegraph (UK), September 24, 2007.

    FALLICK, Michael
    Buried : Bury St. Edmunds Churchyard, Suffolk, England

      In Memory of
      Michael Fallick,
      who died 22nd Octr 1807.
      Aged 54 Years.

      Here lie the Husband of a Loving Wife,
      She lost all earthly comfort when he lost his life.
      A sudden death a shocking sight to see,
      His last life's blood was sprinkled over she,
      The King immortal gave a sudden stroke,
      He heaved a sigh and a blood vessel broke.
      He was an Honest and upright Man,
      Boast more ye great ones if you can.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    GEDGE, L.
    Died in 1818
    Buried : Bury St. Edmunds Churchyard, Suffolk, England

      Here lies the remains of L. Gedge, Printer.
      Like a worn-out character, he has returned to the Founder,
      Hoping that he will be re-cast in a better and
      more perfect mould.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    HASELTON, Mary
    Died 16 August 1785
    Buried : Bury St. Edmunds Churchyard, Suffolk, England

      Here lies interred the Body of
      Mary Haselton,
      A Young Maiden of this Town,
      Born of Roman Catholic Parents,
      And virtuously brought up;
      Who being in the act of Prayer
      Repeating her Vespers,
      Was instantaneously killed by a flash
      Of lightning, August the 16th 1785.
      - Aged 9 Years -

      Not Siloams tower the Victims slew,
      Because above the many sinned the few,
      Nor here the fated lightning wreaked its rage,
      By Vengeance sent for crimes matured by age:
      The little suppliant with its hands upreared,
      Address'd her God in prayers the Priest had taught,
      His mercy prayed, and His protection sought;
      Learn Reader hence, that Wisdom to adore
      Thou canst not scann : & fear his boundless Power:
      Safe shalt thou be if thou perform'st His will,
      Blest if he spares, and more blest should He kill.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    PATISON, Susan
    Epitaph at Hadleigh, Suffolk, England

      To free me from demestic strife,
      Death call'd at my house - but he spoke with my wife.
      Susan, wife of David Patison, lies here,
      October the 19th, 1706.
      Stop, reader, and if not in a hurry, shed a tear.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    WILLOUGHBY, Katherine (m. GODFREY)
    Buried in Darfield Church, Yorkshire, England.

      Here lyeth buried the Body of Kathe-
      rine the daughter of Will. Willoughby Esqr;
      eldest son of Charles Ld Willoughby Baron
      of Parham, Wife to Joseph Godfrey of Thorock
      in the County of Lincolne Esqr; 27 yeares
      1 Month and 21 dayes his Widow; Dyed 15th
      Aug. Ao. Dni. 1658. Aged about 75 yeares. Wil-
      loughby Godfrey of Ederthorpe second Son
      to her, having decently seene her interred
      did erect this, as his last duty, with her
      due armories.

      Source : Le Neve 1718

  • Surrey

    COCHRANE, Rupert John
    Buried : Battersea, Surrey, England
    Monumental inscription : St. John's Episcopal Churchyard, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

      This tablet records the deaths (within a space of two months) of a
      father and mother whose beloved memory seven orphan children cherish
      and revere. Rupert John Cochrane, Esq., of Halifax, N.S., died in
      London, 28th June 1851, aged 50 years; and was buried at Battersea.
      Isabella Maccomb Cochrane, of New York, United States, America, died
      in Edinburgh, 3rd September, 1851, aged 42 years; and was buried in
      the Dormitory attached to this chapel.
      The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away : blessed be the name of the Lord - Job i. 21.

      Source : Rogers 1871 v.1

    NEALE, Henry and Christian; DUTTON, Elizabeth and Delaval.
    Cheam churchyard, Surrey, England.

      Here lyes ye bodyes of Christian
      the wife of Henry Neale, of Cheame,
      who was buried ye 29th of March 1664.
      And ye said Henry Neale, who was
      buried ye 29th of August 1675.
      Also their daughter Elizabeth Dutton,
      who was murdered ye 13th of July 1687,
      by her Neighbour, indeavering to
      make peace between him & his
      wife: aged 53 years.

      Here lyes ye best of wives of mothers & of friends,
      Whose soul too good for Earth, in heaven attends;
      With Joy and comfort till the day of doom,
      When all her virtuous deeds shall thither come.
      To save her Neighbour, she has split her blood;
      And like her Saviour, died for doing good.
      May that Curst hand forget itself to feed,
      That made its benefack-tour thus to bleed.

      Here lyes also ye body of Delaval
      Dutton her son, who departed this
      life the 22 of May 1689.

      Source : Roffe 1859

  • Sussex

    ALLEN, Thomas
    Died 23 January 1781
    Inscription in the cloisters of Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, England

      In Memory of
      Captn. Thomas Allen
      late Commander of his Majesty's Ship
      on whose brave & benevolent Spirit
      on the 23rd Jany 1781 in the 55th Year
      of his age, The Curtain of this
      World's Stage untimely dropt.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    ATKINSON, Elizabeth
    Seller of shell-fish
    Died January 1, 1786; aged 77
    Epitaph : Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, England

      Periwinks! Periwinkles!
      Was ever her cry;
      She labour'd to live,
      Poor and honest to die.
      At the last day again
      How her old eyes will twinkle!
      For no more will she cry,
      Periwinks! Periwinkles!
      Ye rich, to virtuous want rejoicing give;
      Ye poor, by her example, learn to live.

      Source : Johnson 1883

    BETTS, Sarah
    Inscription : Petworth, Sussex, England

      In Memory
      of Sarah Betts, widow,
      who passed nearly 50 Years in one Service
      and died January 2, 1792
      Aged 75.
      Farewell! dear Servant! since thy heavenly Lord
      Summons thy worth to its supreme reward.
      Thine was a spirit that no toil coud tire,
      “When Service sweat for duty, not for hire.”
      From him whose childhood cherished by thy care,
      Weathered long years of sickness and despair,
      Take what may haply touch the best above,
      Truth's tender praise! and tears of grateful love.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    HESSEL, Phoebe
    Brighton Churchyard, Sussex, England

      In Memory of
      Phoebe Hessel
      who was born at Stepney in the year 1713.
      She served for many years
      as a private Soldier in the 5th Regt of Foot
      in different parts of Europe
      and in the Year 1745 fought under the Command
      of the Duke of Cumberland
      at the Battle of Fontenoy,
      when she received a bayonet wound in her arm.
      Her long life which commenced in the time of
      Queen Anne,
      extended to the reign of
      George IV;
      by whose munificence she received comfort
      and support in her latter years.
      She died at Brighton where she had long resided
      Decr 12th 1821 : Aged 108 Years.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    PUTLAND, Abner
    Hove churchyard, Sussex, England

      This stone
      is erected by the Friends of
      Abner Putland
      who was unfortunately drowned
      whilst Bathing,
      on the 26th of June 1856.
      Aged 23 Years.
      In an instant I sank 'neath the shadow of Death,
      And Eternity round me arose,
      O Reader remember that life is a breath,
      And a breath may bring thine to a close.

      Source : Maiben 1870

    SMITH, Richard
    Died 4 September 1767
    Inscription in the cloisters of Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, England

      Beneath is deposited
      all that was mortal of
      Richard Smith Gent.
      The immortal part is gone
      Thro' the merits of a crucified Redeemer
      to join its great original in Heaven
      This awful change was on
      the 4th day of Septr 1767
      After a life of Sixty Three Years

      Source : Maiben 1870

    TIPPER, Thomas
    Buried in Newhaven churchyard, Sussex, England

      To the memory of
      Thomas Tipper who
      departed this life May the 14th
      1785 Aged 54 Years
      Reader, with kind regard this grave survey
      Nor heedless pass where Tipper's ashes lay,
      Honest he was, ingenuous, blunt, and kind;
      And dared do, what few dare do, speak his mind,
      Philosophy and History well he knew,
      Was versed in Physick and in Surgery too,
      The best old Stingo he both brewed and sold,
      Nor did one knavish act to get his Gold.
      He played through Life a varied comic part,
      And knew immortal Hudibras by heart.
      Reader, in real truth, such was the Man,
      Be better, wiser, laugh more if you can.

      Source : Andrews 1899

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  • Wiltshire

    POTICARY, Elizabeth
    Buried in Stockton, Wiltshire, England

      Heare shee enterred lyes, depriu'e of breath,
      Whose light of vertue once on earth did shyne:
      Who life contemn'd, ne feared gastly death,
      Whom worlde, ne worldly cares coulde cause repine,
      Resolu'd to dye, whit hope in heauen placed,
      Her Christe to see, whom lyuinge shee embraced.
      In prayer feruent, still in zeale most strong,
      In deathe delighting God to magnifye:
      How long wilt thou forgett mee Lord, this songe,
      In greatest panges was her sweete harmonye,
      Forget thee? no! he will not thee forget;
      In booke of lyfe for aye thy name is set.

      Elizabeth Poticary, wife to Hierom Poticary, clothier,
      Deceased at ye age of 35 yeres, 9o aplis Ao Dni 1590.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    TWYNNOY, Hannah
    Gravestone in the Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, England

      Hannah Twynnoy Who died October 23rd 1703 Aged 33 Years. In bloom of Life She's snatched from hence, She had not room To make defence; For Tyger fierce Took Life Away. And here she lies In a bed of Clay, Until the Resurrection Day

      Source : Martin Beckford : BBC reveals Britain's most unusual epitaphs. The Telegraph (UK), September 24, 2007.

  • Worcestershire

    ANDREWS, Sarah
    Stone in the old abbey church at Pershore, Worcestershire, England

      the Memory
      Sarah Andrews : a faithful Domestic
      Mr. Herbert Woodward
      of this Place
      In whose Service she died
      on the 10th Feby, 1814
      Aged 80
      having filled the Duties of her humble
      Station with unblemished Integrity
      for the long Period
      52 Years.

      Source : Andrews 1899

    ARMISON, Sarah
    Tombstone at Kempsey, Worcestershire, England

      To the Memory of
      Mrs. Sarah Armison,
      who died on the 27th of April
      Aged 88 years.
      77 of Which she passed in the
      Service of the Family
      of Mrs. Bell
      Justly and deservedly lamented
      by them,
      for integrity, rectitude
      of Conduct, and Amiable

      Source : Andrews 1899

    PHILPOTS, Richard
    Beerseller of the Bell Inn at Bell End
    Died 1766
    Buried : Belbroughton, Worcestershire, England

      To tell a merry or a wondrous tale
      Over a cheerful glass of nappy ale,
      In harmless mirth was his supreme delight,
      To please his guests or friends by day or night.
      But no fine tale, how well soever told,
      Could make the tyrant Death his stroke withhold.
      That fatal stroke has lain him here in dust,
      To rise again once more with joy we trust.

      Source : Johnson 1883

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