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        KEERL, Elizabeth
Buried in a German cemetery in Maryland

    In memory of Elizabeth Keerl, the daughter of Mary and Henry Keerl, who
    departed this life July 5, 1797, aged 10 months and 7 days.
    Pray my dear parents do not weep,
    I am not dead but I do sleep.

    Source : Memoirs 1806

KENESTON, Isabelle H.
Burial: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, East Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York, USA

    Isabelle H. Keneston
    I'd rather be at the mall
    Mar 3 1923 - Jan 11 2002

    Source : findagrave.com, Memorial #13352606

KING, John
Gravestone at Beckenham, Kent, England

    In memory
    John King
    who departed this Life 29th of
    December 1774 aged 75 years.
    He was 61 years Servant
    Mr. Francis Valentine,
    Valentine, and Paul
    from Father to Son,
    without ever
    Quitting their Service,
    his Duty, or being
    in Liquor.

    Source : Andrews 1899

KING, Robert
Died November 4, 1654
Buried in Langley Church, Buckinghamshire, England

    Robert King descended from the Saxon Kings in
    Devonshire 3d Son of John Bishop of London, brought
    up at Winchester School, and Christ Church in Oxford
    where he proceeded Mr. of Arts. After changing his
    Course, he went to the Wars in Holland, then to
    some Service by Sea. Lastly he engaged in a Voy-
    age to the Amazons in the West Indies, which Suc-
    cess to his Fortune and Health gave him a lingring
    preparation for his last Voyage of his Life, finished
    November 4th. in the 48. yeare of his Age Anno Domini 1654.

    Source : Le Neve 1718

KNAPP, Lewis; and his wife Susan P. Foster
Two tombstones in Kenosha cemetery, Wisconsin

    Susan P. Foster
    wife of
    Lewis Knapp
    My dear and loving wife, meet me, with our spirit friends, at the
    gate of the Elysian Fields of Paradise, where I am coming by
    Nature's fast express. Until there we meet, a loving adieu.
    P.S. - Our friends W. and A. will soon join us there.

    Happy! Happy day! Hallelujah!

    Old Broadguage
    Lewis Knapp,
    Aged __ years,
    Emigrated ____
    to join his wife and other friends in the Celestial Fields of Paradise,
    thanking God for sense enough to die as He had lived for thirty
    years, thoroughly infidel to all ancient and modern humbug-myths
    as taught for fine clothes and place, at others' cost, by an indolent,
    egotistic, self-elected Priestly Crew.
    The fear of the Right Reverend Doctors of Divinity, thological
    scare-crow of Hellfire and Damnation to all who refuse to pay tithes
    to their support, had no force or effect on Lewis Knapp.

    Source : Kippax 1877

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