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  • Austria

    STOCKER, Mannetta
    Born : Austria
    Buried : St. Philip's, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

      In memory of Mannetta Stocker,
      who quitted this life the fourth day of May,
      1819, at the age of thirty-nine years.
      The smallest woman in this kingdom, and
      one of the most accomplished.
      She was not more than thirty-three inches high.
      She was a native of Austria.

      Source : Fairley 1873

  • Canada

    COCHRANE, Rupert John and Isabella
    From Halifax, Nova Scotia Died in London, England Buried in Battersea, Surrey, England Monumental inscription : St. John's Episcopal Churchyard, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

      This tablet records the deaths (within a space of two months) of a
      father and mother whose beloved memory seven orphan children cherish
      and revere. Rupert John Cochrane, Esq., of Halifax, N.S., died in
      London, 28th June 1851, aged 50 years; and was buried at Battersea.
      Isabella Maccomb Cochrane, of New York, United States, America, died
      in Edinburgh, 3rd September, 1851, aged 42 years; and was buried in
      the Dormitory attached to this chapel.
      The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away : blessed be the name of the Lord - Job i. 21.

      Source : Rogers 1871 v.1

    JANNACK, Howard W.
    Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Howard W.
      Lover of little ugly dogs

      Source : findagrave.com, Memorial #41478962

  • France

    ANTOINE, Christophe
    Born in France
    Buried : St Pancras, Middlesex, England.

      In Testimony of
      The long and faithful services of
      Christophe Antoine,
      A native of France,
      An honest, zealous, grateful, and pious man,
      who died at Holland House, Kensington,
      on the 29th of November, 1812,
      in the 55th year of his age.
      This stone is erected
      over his mortal remains,
      which in compliance with his wishes
      are deposited near those of the Countess of Gand
      His former mistress
      whose memory he cherished for many years
      after her decease,
      having followed her fortunes in exile
      and sacrificed
      to his sense of gratitude and duty
      the savings of his industry,
      the prospect of competence and ease,
      and the hopes of worldly advancement.

      Source : Cansick 1869

  • Ireland

    FARRELL, Andrew
    From Ireland
    Buried : Plymouth, Massachussetts

      Andrew Farrell, of respectable connexions, in Ireland, aged 38 years,
      owner and commander of the ship, Hibernia, sailed from Boston, 26 Jan.
      and was wrecked on Plymouth beach, 28 Jan. 1805. His remains with five
      of seven seamen, who perished with him, are here interred.
      O piteous lot of man's uncertain state;
      What woes on life's eventful journey wait?
      By sea, what treacherous calms, what sudden storms,
      And death, attendant in a thousand forms!

      Source : Alden 1814 v.3

    MOLLOY, Edward
    Memorial inscription in one of the Catholic Chapels in the city of Cork, Ireland.

      I. H. S.
      Sacred to the memory of the benevolent Edward Molloy, the friend of
      humanity, and the father of the poor. He employed the wealth of this
      world only to secure the riches of the next; and leaving a balance of
      merit on the book of life, he made heaven debtor to his mercy.
      He died Oct. 17th, 1818, aged ninety.
      R. I. P.

      Source : Fairley 1873

  • Isle of Man

    RUTTER, Dr. Samuel; Bishop of Sodor and Man.
    St. Germain's Church, Isle of Man

      In this house
      Which I have borrowed from
      My brethen, the worms,
      Lie I
      Samuel, by divine permission,
      Bishop of this island.
      Stop, reader;
      Behold and smile at
      The palace of a bishop!
      Who died May 30,
      In the year

      Source : Howe 1901 - translated from Latin

  • Jamaica

    ROSE, Alexander
    Residence : parish of Vere, Jamaica
    Buried in Fredericksburg, Virginia

      In memory of Alexander Rose of the parish of Vere, in the island of
      Jamaica, merchant, and a native of North Britain, who visited the
      United States of America for the recovery of his health and departed
      this life, at Fredericksburg, in Virginia, on the 28 day November, 1800.
      This stone is placed over his remains, in testimony of affectionate and
      fraternal regard, by his brother, William Rose, of the said island.

      Source : Alden 1814 v.5

  • Portugal

    SHEAFE, George Meserve
    Residence : Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    Buried : Island of Madeira, Portugal

      Sacred to the memory of George Meserve Sheafe, of Portsmouth, New
      Hampshire, a youth singularly amiable, unassuming, and beloved. He
      had a mind cultivated by a liberal education and a heart overflowing
      with benevolence and affection. It pleased God to afflict him with
      a lingering and distressing illness, which he bore with truly christian
      patience. He visited this island in the hope of obaining relief; but,
      with the fairest prospect of usefulness and respectability, neither
      the prayers of an affectionate father nor the unremitting attention
      of friendship could preserve him from an early grave. He died on the
      14 of February, A. D. 1804, aged 20 years.

      Source : Alden 1814 v.2

  • Wales

    HOOKES, Nicholas
    Conway, Caernavonshire, Wales

      Here lyeth ye bodye of Nich: Hookes of Conway, gen., who
      was ye 41st child of his father William Hookes Esqre.
      by Alice his Wife, and ye father of 27 children, who
      dyed ye 20th day of March 1637.

      Source : Ravenshaw 1878

    HOOKS, Nicholas
    Aberconway Churchyard, Caernavonshire, Wales

      Here lieth the body of Nicholas Hooks, of Conway, gent., who was the
      one-and-fortieth child of his father, William Hooks, Esq., by Alice
      his wife, and the father of seven-and-twenty children; he died the
      20th day of March, 1637.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    LEE, Joseph
    Mathern Churchyard, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales

      To the memory of Joseph Lee, who died in 1825, aged 103 years.
      Joseph Lee is dead and gone,
      We Ne'er shall see him more;
      He used to wear an old drab coat,
      All buttoned down before.

      Source : Fairley 1873

    PENGREE, Mary
    Died in 1801 aged 10 years
    Buried : Churchyard in Loughor, Glamorgan, Wales

      The village maidens to her Grave shall bring
      The fragrant Garland each returning spring;
      Selected sweets, in emblem of the maid
      Who underneath the hollow turf is laid.
      Like her they flourish, beauteous to the eye;
      Like her, too soon, they languish, fade, and die.

      Source : Fairley 1873

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