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        PADDY, George
Monumental inscription in New York, New York

    At Sandy Hook lie interred the remains of the honourable Hamilton Douglas
    Halliburton, son of Sholto Charles, earl of Morton, and heir of the
    ancient family fo Halliburton, of Pitcurr, in Scotland, who perished on
    this coast, with twelve more young gentlemen and one common seaman, in
    the spirited discharge of duty, on the 30 or 31 of December, 1783, born,
    the 10 of October, 1763, a youth, who in contempt of hardship or danger,
    though possessed of an ample fortune, served seven years in the British
    navy, with manly courage, and seemed to deserve a better fate. This
    plain monumental stone is erected by his unhappy mother, Katharine,
    countess dowager of Morton, to his dear memory and that of his unfortunate
    companions, James Champion, lieutenant of marines; Alexander Johnstone,
    George Paddy, Robert Haywood, midshipman; Charles Gascoigne, Andrew
    Hamilton, William Scott, David Reddie, William Tomlinson, William Spry,
    John M'Chain, Robert Wood, young gentlemen; George Towers, common seaman;
    cast away, all found dead and frozen, and buried in one grave.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.1

PAGE, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

PAGE, Mary (Miss)
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

PARK, Thomas K. and Rebecca
Buried in an old graveyard in Grafton, Vermont.

    Thomas K. Park, Jr., and 14 children of Thos. K. and Rebecca Park.
    Youth, behold and shed a tear,
    See fourteen children slumber here;
    See their image how they shine
    Like flowers of a fruitful vine.

    In memory of Rebecca, wife of Mr. Thomas K. Park, who died
    Sept 23, 1803, in the 40th year of her age.
    Behold and see as you pass by
    My fourteen children with me lie,
    Old and young you soon must die
    And turn to dust as well as I.

    Source : Kippax 1877

Buried : Hatfield, Massachusetts

    Here lies interred the remains of Oliver Partridge, esq. who died, the
    21 of July, A. D. 1792, in the 81 year of his age.
    His usefulness, in church and state,
    Was early known to men;
    Blest with an active life, till late,
    And Happy in his end.
    The family of Partridge here interred are descendants from William
    Partridge, who came from Berwick on Tweed in Great Britain and died in
    Hadley. Oliver was the son of Edward, Edward was the son of Samuel,
    Samuel was the son of William, who was one of the first adventurers in
    forming settlements on Connecticut river in the 17 century.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.3

Epitaph at Hadleigh, Suffolk, England

    To free me from demestic strife,
    Death call'd at my house - but he spoke with my wife.
    Susan, wife of David Patison, lies here,
    October the 19th, 1706.
    Stop, reader, and if not in a hurry, shed a tear.

    Source : Johnson 1883

Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

PATTERSON, Nancy; a woman of colour.
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

PAUL, Silas
Buried : Gay Head (today Aquinnah), Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

    Yeuuh wohhok sipsin Sil Paul nohtobeyontok, aged 49 years, nuppoop tah,
    24 August, 1787.
    Translation : Here lies the body of Silas Paul, an ordained preacher,
    who died, 24 August, 1787, aged 49 years.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.1

PEIRCE (Pierce, Pearce), Thomas
Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England

    Here lyeth Thomas Peirce, whom no man taught,
    Yet he in iron, brass, and silver wrought;
    He jacks, and clocks, and watches (with art) made
    And mended, too, when others' work did fade.
    Of Berkely, five times Mayor this artist was,
    And yet this Mayor, this artist, was but grass.
    When his own watch was down on the last day,
    He that made watches had not made a key
    To wind it up; but useless it must lie,
    Until he rise again no more to die.
    Died February 25th, 1665, aged 77.

    Source : Andrews 1899

Died in 1801 aged 10 years
Buried : Churchyard in Loughor, Glamorgan, Wales

    The village maidens to her Grave shall bring
    The fragrant Garland each returning spring;
    Selected sweets, in emblem of the maid
    Who underneath the hollow turf is laid.
    Like her they flourish, beauteous to the eye;
    Like her, too soon, they languish, fade, and die.

    Source : Fairley 1873

PEPPER, William
Died 1783
Buried at St. John's, Stamford, Lincolnshire

    Tho' hot my name, yet mild my nature,
    I bore good will to every creature;
    I brew'd good ale, and sold it too,
    And unto each I gave his due.

    Source : Johnson 1883

Beerseller of the Bell Inn at Bell End
Died 1766
Buried : Belbroughton, Worcestershire, England

    To tell a merry or a wondrous tale
    Over a cheerful glass of nappy ale,
    In harmless mirth was his supreme delight,
    To please his guests or friends by day or night.
    But no fine tale, how well soever told,
    Could make the tyrant Death his stroke withhold.
    That fatal stroke has lain him here in dust,
    To rise again once more with joy we trust.

    Source : Johnson 1883

Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

Buried : Lansdown Cemetery, Somerset, England

    In memori ov
    Meri Pitman,
    Weif of Mr. Eizak Pitman,
    Fonetik Printer, ov this Siti.
    Deid 19 Agust 1857, edjed 64.
    “Preper tu mit thei God.”
    Emos 4 - 12.

    Source : Fairley 1873

Monuement in old churchyard, parish of Cupar, Fife, Scotland

    Here lie interred the heads of Laur Hay : and Andrew Pitulloch, who
    suffered martyrdom at Edinburgh, July 13th, 1681, for adhering to the
    word of God, and Scotland's covenanted work of reformation; and also
    one of the hands of David Hackston, of Rathillet, who was most cruelly
    martyred at Edinburgh, July 30th, 1680.

    Our persecutors filled with rage,
    Their brutish fury to assuage,
    Took heads and hands of martyrs off,
    That they might be the people's scoff.
    They Hackston's body cut asunder,
    And set it up a world's wonder
    In several places; to proclaim
    These monsters' glory and their shame.

    Source : Rogers 1871 v.2

PLASKET, Tabitha
Died June 10, 1807, aged 64 years. Old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Adieu vain world I have seen enough of the
    And I am careless what thou say'st of me
    Thy smiles I wish not;
    Nor thy frowns I fear,
    I am now at rest my head lies quiet here.

    Source : Perkins 1902

POOLE, William
Old burying-ground, Dorchester, Massachusetts

    Here lieth Buried ye body of
    Mr. William Poole aged 81 years
    Who died ye 25th of February in
    Ye yere 1674.

    Ye Epitaph of William Poole which hee himself make while
    he was yet living in remembrance of his own death & let it to
    be ingraven on his tomb yt so being dead he might warn
    posterity or a resemblance of a dead man bespeaking ye reader.

    Ho passenger 'tis worth thy pains too stay
    & take a dead man's lesson by ye way
    I was what now thou art & thou shalt be
    What I am now what odds twixt me & thee
    Now go thy way but stay take one word more
    Thy staf for ought thou knowest stands ye next dore
    Death in ye dore yea dore of Heaven or Hell
    Be warned be armed believe repent fairewell.

    Source : Kippax 1877

POTICARY, Elizabeth
Buried in Stockton, Wiltshire, England

    Heare shee enterred lyes, depriu'e of breath,
    Whose light of vertue once on earth did shyne:
    Who life contemn'd, ne feared gastly death,
    Whom worlde, ne worldly cares coulde cause repine,
    Resolu'd to dye, whit hope in heauen placed,
    Her Christe to see, whom lyuinge shee embraced.
    In prayer feruent, still in zeale most strong,
    In deathe delighting God to magnifye:
    How long wilt thou forgett mee Lord, this songe,
    In greatest panges was her sweete harmonye,
    Forget thee? no! he will not thee forget;
    In booke of lyfe for aye thy name is set.

    Elizabeth Poticary, wife to Hierom Poticary, clothier,
    Deceased at ye age of 35 yeres, 9o aplis Ao Dni 1590.

    Source : Ravenshaw 1878

POWLETT, Ann; daughter of John Powlett, mentionned in the epitaph of her daughter : WEBB, Barbara (Hon. Lady) (nee Belasyse)
Buried : St Pancras churchyard, Middlesex, England.

    Here lyeth deposited in this vault the remains of the late Honble Lady Barbara Webb,
    Wife of Sr John Webb, of Great Canford, in the county of Dorset, Baronet
    Who departed this life on the 28th day of March, in the year of our Lord 1740.
    This pious lady was the surviving daughter and sole Heiress of the late Honble
    John, Lord Belasyse, by his third wife the Lady Ann Powlett,
    Daughter of the Right Noble John, Marquiss of Winchester, who to avoid the
    expense and vanity of a pompous funeral in her family vault
    made it her death bed request in compassion to the poor to be privately interr'd
    in this churchyard & that the repose of her soul may be remembered
    by all good Christians. This tomb was erected by her disconsolate husband.
    Requiescat in pace. Amen.

    Source : Cansick 1869

PRESTON, Richard
Darlington, County Durham, England
Died in 1765
Translated from Latin

    Under this marble are depos'd
    Poor Preston's sad remains.
    Alas! too true for ligh-rob'd jest
    To sing in playful strains.
    Ye dread possessors of the grave,
    Who feed on others's woe,
    Abstain from Richard's small remains,
    And grateful pity shew;
    For many a weighty corpse he gave
    To you with liberal hand;
    Then sure his little body may
    Some small respect command.

    Source : Andrews 1899

Waiter at the Boar's Head Tavern, Eastcheap, London
Buried in the graveyard of St. Michael's Church, London, England, then removed to the yard of St. Magnus the Martyr, London, England

    Here lieth the Body of Robert Preston
    late Drawer at the Boars head Tavern
    in Great Eastcheap, who departed this life
    March the 16 Anno Dom 1730
    Aged 27 Years

    Bacchus to give the toping Word Surprize
    Producd one Sober Son, and here he lies
    Tho nursd among full Hogsheads he defyd
    The charms of Wine and evry vice beside
    O Reader if to Justice thou rt inclind
    Keep honest Preston daily in thy mind
    He drew good Wine took care to fill his Pots
    Had sundry virtues that outweigh'd his faults
    You that on Bacchus have the like depandance
    Pray copy Bob in Measure and Attendance

    Source : Andrews 1899

Hove churchyard, Sussex, England

    This stone
    is erected by the Friends of
    Abner Putland
    who was unfortunately drowned
    whilst Bathing,
    on the 26th of June 1856.
    Aged 23 Years.
    In an instant I sank 'neath the shadow of Death,
    And Eternity round me arose,
    O Reader remember that life is a breath,
    And a breath may bring thine to a close.

    Source : Maiben 1870

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