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        RAPHAEL, Charlotte (Miss.), daughter of Solomon Raphael
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

Monumental inscription in New York, New York

    At Sandy Hook lie interred the remains of the honourable Hamilton Douglas
    Halliburton, son of Sholto Charles, earl of Morton, and heir of the
    ancient family fo Halliburton, of Pitcurr, in Scotland, who perished on
    this coast, with twelve more young gentlemen and one common seaman, in
    the spirited discharge of duty, on the 30 or 31 of December, 1783, born,
    the 10 of October, 1763, a youth, who in contempt of hardship or danger,
    though possessed of an ample fortune, served seven years in the British
    navy, with manly courage, and seemed to deserve a better fate. This
    plain monumental stone is erected by his unhappy mother, Katharine,
    countess dowager of Morton, to his dear memory and that of his unfortunate
    companions, James Champion, lieutenant of marines; Alexander Johnstone,
    George Paddy, Robert Haywood, midshipman; Charles Gascoigne, Andrew
    Hamilton, William Scott, David Reddie, William Tomlinson, William Spry,
    John M'Chain, Robert Wood, young gentlemen; George Towers, common seaman;
    cast away, all found dead and frozen, and buried in one grave.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.1

REYNOLD, Alexander
Died August 9, 1691
Buried in Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Here lyes Mr Alexander Reynold, a faithful servant of God in the ministry, being admitted thereto at Aberdour, September 17, 1665, and dyed August 9, 1691, and Margaret Forbes, his spouse, who dyed Feb. 28, 1695:
    This dormitory which thou sees,
    Was once the object of my eyes;
    But now my body is in dust,
    Thine also death will hither thrust.

    Source : Jervise 1875

REZI, John B. (or Jean Baptiste Rozier)
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

RICHARDS, Joseph and Jane
Buried in St Pancras churchyard, Middlesex, England.

    Here lyeth Interr'd the Body of
    Sir Joseph Richards, Bart.,
    Who departed this life
    June the 2nd, 1738,
    aged 53.
    Requiescat in pace.
    Also Dame Jane Richards
    Wife of Sr Joseph Richard,
    Who departed

    Source : Cansick 1869

Buried in Banbury Churchyard, Oxfordshire, England

    To the memory of Ric. Richards, who by a Gangreen firs lost a Toe, afterwards a Leg, and lastly his Life on the 7th day of April, 1656.

    Ah! cruel Death, to make 3 Meals of one!
    To taste and eat, and Eat 'till all was gone.
    But know, thou Tyrant! when the Trump shall call,
    He'll find his Feet, and stand when thou shalt fall.

    Source : Eaton 1900

Died September 10, 1815, aged 34 years.
Buried in Copp's Hill burial ground, Boston, Massachusetts

    My tender wife don't mourn for me, Tis here my earthly sorrows end; Prepare yourself in youthful days, In silence here to meet your friend.

    Source : Norton 1921

Died in 1767, aged 68
Inscription from Barking, Essex, England

    Here honest Sarah Ricketts lies,
    By man much esteem'd,
    Who really was no otherwise.
    Than what she ever seemed.

    Source : Fairley 1873

Burial: Key West Cemetery, Key West, Monroe County, Florida, USA

    I told you I was sick
    B. P. Roberts
    May 17, 1929
    June 18, 1979

    Source : findagrave.com, Memorial #15820582

ROBERTS, Elizabeth
Tomb in Trinity Churchyard, Oxford, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

    On the outside:
    Here lyeth the body of, Elizabeth, wife of John Roberts, who departed
    this life, May, ye, 6th, in the year of our Lord, God, 1708, aged 41 years.
    Weep not for me, for it is in vain,
    Weep for your sins, and then refrain.
    On the inside:
    Here, by these lines is testify'd
    No Quaker was she, when she dy'd,
    So far was she from Quakerism,
    That she desired to have baptism
    For her, our babes and children dear,
    To this, these lines true witness bear,
    And furthermore, she did obtain
    That faith, that all shall rise again
    Out of the graves at the last day,
    And in this faith she passed away.

    Source : Kippax 1877

Epitaph from Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, England

    Here lies Esther, the wife of James Roberts,
    Forty-six years. She was a loving wife, a
    tender Mother - a good Housekeeper, and
    Staid at Home. She died October the
    7th, 1773. In the 64th year of her age.

    Source : Johnson 1883

Monumental inscription : St. John's Episcopal Churchyard, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

    Sacred to the memory of Captain James Robertson, 9th Regiment Madras
    Native Infantry, and assistant Commissary General, third son of the late
    Colonel David Robertson Macdonald, of Kinlochmoidart. Born 22nd July,
    1806. He died on board the Bucephalus on his passage to the Cape of
    Good Hope, lat 25° 9′ south, long. 62° 31′ east, February 15th, 1851.

    Source : Rogers 1871 v.1

ROGERS, Rebecca
Folkestone churchyard, Kent, England

    Memory of
    Rebecca Rogers
    who died Augt. 22nd. 1688.
    Aged 44 Years

    A House She hath, its made of such good fashion,
    The Tenant ne'er shall pay for reparation:
    Nor will her Landlord ever raise her rent,
    Or turn her out of doors for non-payment:
    From Chimney Money to this cell is free,
    To such a House who would not Tenant be.

    Source : Maiben 1870

ROLT, John David; mentioned in the epitaph of :
LEA, Elizabeth; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Phillip; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Benn.
Buried : St. John's churchyard, Deptford, Kent, England.

    Here lies
    Intered the Body of
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lea,
    (widow of Richd. Lea Esqre.,
    and Daughter of
    Daniel Furzer Esqre.)
    who died Novr. ye 15th 1754,
    aged 42 Years.
    Also the Body of
    Mr. Phillip Hooker,
    Husband of the above
    Jane Hooker, who died
    May 14th 1778, aged 63 Years.

    These letters were
    Recut by John David Rolt,
    and Phillip Hooker, great-grandsons
    of Elizabeth Lea:

    Also the body of Benn. Hooker
    Great-grandson of the above
    Mr. Phillip Hooker;
    Obt. 7th Jany, 1852; aged 31 years.

    Source : Roffe 1859

ROSE, Alexander
Residence : parish of Vere, Jamaica
Buried in Fredericksburg, Virginia

    In memory of Alexander Rose of the parish of Vere, in the island of
    Jamaica, merchant, and a native of North Britain, who visited the
    United States of America for the recovery of his health and departed
    this life, at Fredericksburg, in Virginia, on the 28 day November, 1800.
    This stone is placed over his remains, in testimony of affectionate and
    fraternal regard, by his brother, William Rose, of the said island.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.5

ROSE, Christopher Esq.
Buried in St. Andrew's Church at Cambridge; inscription upon a Hatchment at the North East Corner of the Chancel.

    In the Vault nigh this place rests the Body of Christopher Rose Esq;
    who was the chief Rebuilder of this (once ruin'd) Church, and moreover
    at his death bequeathed to the Minister of this place for ever the
    yearly Summe of ten pounds, who in consideration thereof is to preach
    his Commemoration Sermon every 30th of August, upon which day he
    departed this Life, in the year 1664.

    Source : Le Neve 1718

Buried in Englishcombe, Somerset, England

    ob. 1687, aet. 79
    John Rosewell.
    This grave's a bed of roses : here doth ly
    John Rosewell, gent., his wife, nine children by.

    Source : Howe 1901

Died November 14, 1802, aged 57 years.
Lydford churchyard, Devon, England

    Here lies, in horizontal position,
    the outside case of
    George Routleigh, Watchmaker;
    Whose abilities in that line were an honour
    to his profession.
    Integrity was the Mainspring, and prudence the
    of all the actions of his life.
    Humane, generous, and liberal,
    his Hand never stopped
    till he had relieved distress.
    So nicely regulated were all his motions,
    that he never went wrong,
    exept when set a-going
    by people
    who did not know his Key;
    even then he was easily
    set right again.
    He had the art of disposing his time so well,
    that his hours glided away
    in one continual round
    of pleasure and delight,
    until an unlucky minute put a period to
    his existence.
    He departed this life
    Nov. 14, 1802,
    aged 57 :
    wound up,
    in hopes of being taken in hand
    by his Maker;
    and of being thoroughly cleaned, repaired,
    and set a-going
    in the world to come.

    Source : Andrews 1899

ROZIER, Jean Baptiste (or John B. Rezi)
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

RUDYERD, Benjamin
Buried in West Woodhay Church, Berkshire, England

    John Graunt in memory of his Deare &
    Honoured Master Sr. Benjamin Rudy
    -erd Knight, hath affixed this Stone over
    his Grave wth. this Epitaph made by
    Sr. Benjamin in his
    younger years.
    Fond World leave off this foolish trick,
    Of making Epitaphs upon the dead,
    Rather go write them on the quick,
    Whose Souls in earthly flesh lye buried.
    For in this Grave lyes nought of me
    But my Souls Grave, two Graves well turn'd to one,
    Thus do I live from death made free.
    Trust me, good friend, I am not dead, but gone
    To goe, & Christ my Saviour alone.

    He was borne on St. Stevens day 1572, and
    died ye last of May Ano. Domi. 1658. leaving
    William Rudyerd Esq; his only
    Son & Heire.

    Source : Le Neve 1718

Buried in Dollar Parish, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

    Sacred to the Memory of Betty Morton and Mary Russell, who lived as
    faithful nurses and servants in the family of Crawfurd Tait, Esq., of
    Harviestoun, the former for 30, the latter for 50 years.
    «Not with eyeservice as menpleasers, but as the servants of Christ,» -
    The cherished our childhood,
    They comforted our youth.
    They directed our thoughts to that heavenly country, where, through our
    Redeemer's love, we hope to meet them again.
    Erected by the family, - 1856.

    Source : Rogers 1871 v.2

RUTTER, Dr. Samuel; Bishop of Sodor and Man.
St. Germain's Church, Isle of Man

    In this house
    Which I have borrowed from
    My brethen, the worms,
    Lie I
    Samuel, by divine permission,
    Bishop of this island.
    Stop, reader;
    Behold and smile at
    The palace of a bishop!
    Who died May 30,
    In the year

    Source : Howe 1901 - translated from Latin

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