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        FALLICK, Michael
Buried : Bury St. Edmunds Churchyard, Suffolk, England

    In Memory of
    Michael Fallick,
    who died 22nd Octr 1807.
    Aged 54 Years.

    Here lie the Husband of a Loving Wife,
    She lost all earthly comfort when he lost his life.
    A sudden death a shocking sight to see,
    His last life's blood was sprinkled over she,
    The King immortal gave a sudden stroke,
    He heaved a sigh and a blood vessel broke.
    He was an Honest and upright Man,
    Boast more ye great ones if you can.

    Source : Maiben 1870

FARINGTON, Elizabeth, wife of John Farington
Born : Oxford
Died in 1738
Buried : Lyford, Devon, England

    In Oxford born, in Lyford dust I lie,
    Don't break my grave until ye judgment day.
    Then shall I rise, in shining glory bright,
    To meet my Lord with comfort and delight.

    Source : Norfolk 1866

From Ireland
Buried : Plymouth, Massachussetts

    Andrew Farrell, of respectable connexions, in Ireland, aged 38 years,
    owner and commander of the ship, Hibernia, sailed from Boston, 26 Jan.
    and was wrecked on Plymouth beach, 28 Jan. 1805. His remains with five
    of seven seamen, who perished with him, are here interred.
    O piteous lot of man's uncertain state;
    What woes on life's eventful journey wait?
    By sea, what treacherous calms, what sudden storms,
    And death, attendant in a thousand forms!

    Source : Alden 1814 v.3

FARREN, Elizabeth
Hendon churchyard, Middlesex, England

    Here lieth
    the body of
    Elizabeth Farren
    many years an inhabitant
    of this parish,
    who died in the
    one hundred & second year
    of her age

    She was a woman
    of very shrewd understanding,
    and a remarkable instance
    of healthy longevity.
    In her hundred and first year,
    she threaded her needle without spectacles;
    and regularly walked a mile and a half to church,
    until a very short time before her death:
    which happened
    on the 29th day of February, 1832.

    Thou shalt go to thy Fathers in peace;
    Thou shalt be buried in a good old age.
    15th chapter of Genesis, 15th verse.

    Source : Roffe 1859

FERRILL, Robert; a mulatto boy
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

Monument inscription in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England

    to the memory of
    John Fisher, day labourer,
    who died May 17th in the Year 1806
    in the 91st Year of his Age,
    having served two Masters at Moore Hall
    in this Parish, upwards of fifty years,
    Faithfully, Industriously, and Cheerfully.
    He was in his Imployment
    eight weeks before he died.
    This Stone is inscribed to his Memory
    by his last Master, as a pattern to Posterity.

    Source : Andrews 1899

FISKE, Elizabeth
Buried : Scituate, Rhode Island

    Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Fiske, wife of John Fiske, esq. who
    departed this life, 24 Sept. A. D. 1766, aged 56 years. She descended,
    in a direct line, from the venerable Roger Williams, the pious founder
    of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. In her character shone with
    lustre all the christian, moral, and social virtues.
    Celestial powers, that piety regard,
    From you my labours wait their last reward.

    Source : Alden 1814 v.4

Died in 1799, aged 36 years.
Buried in Copp's Hill burial ground, Boston, Massachusetts

    Virtue & youth just in the morning bloom
    With the fair Mary finds an early Tomb.

    Source : Norton 1921

FLINT, Josiah
Inscription on a tablet in the graveyard at Dorchester, Massachusetts

    Here lies interred ye corpse of
    Mr. Josiah Flint,
    Late pastor to ye church in
    Dorchester, aged 35 years, Dec.
    Sept ye 15 1680
    A man of God he was so great so good
    His highest worth was hardly understood
    So much of God and Christ in him did dwell
    In grace and holiness he did excell.
    An honor and an ornament thereby
    Both to ye church and to ye ministry.
    Most zealous in ye work of reformation
    To save this self-destroying generation.
    With courage strove 'gainst all this people's sin
    His pen, his strength, his life, his soul therein.
    Consumed with holy zeal for God for whome
    He lived and dyed a kind of martyrdome.
    For men will not lament, their hearts and breake,
    No wonder his lamenting stone doth speake.
    His tombstone crys repent & souls to save
    Doth preach repentance from his very grave.
    'Gainst sinners doth his lasting record lye.
             Psal. 112.66 - Prov. 10.7.

    Source : Kippax 1877

FLIPPIN, Rhoda I. (married DUNN)
Fraim Cemetery, Flippin, Monroe County, Kentucky

    Rhoda I.
    Wife of
    H.B. Dunn
    and dau'r of
    James & Isabel
    Aug. 18, 1826
    Sept. 17, 1863
    Three children on
    the North side one
    on the South

    Source : findagrave.com, Memorial# 61416173

Buried in the Rothwell church porch, Yorkshire, England

    In memory of Thomas Flockton, Sexton 59 years, buried
    23rd day of February, 1783, aged 78 years.

    Here lies within this porch so calm,
    Old Thomas, Pray sound his knell,
    Who thought no song was like a psalm-
    No music like a bell.

    Source : Andrews 1899

FORBES, Margaret
Buried in Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Here lyes Mr Alexander Reynold, a faithful servant of God in the ministry, being admitted thereto at Aberdour, September 17, 1665, and dyed August 9, 1691, and Margaret Forbes, his spouse, who dyed Feb. 28, 1695:
    This dormitory which thou sees,
    Was once the object of my eyes;
    But now my body is in dust,
    Thine also death will hither thrust.

    Source : Jervise 1875

FOSTER, Susan P., wife of Lewis Knapp
Two tombstones in Kenosha cemetery, Wisconsin

    Susan P. Foster
    wife of
    Lewis Knapp
    My dear and loving wife, meet me, with our spirit friends, at the
    gate of the Elysian Fields of Paradise, where I am coming by
    Nature's fast express. Until there we meet, a loving adieu.
    P.S. - Our friends W. and A. will soon join us there.

    Happy! Happy day! Hallelujah!

    Old Broadguage
    Lewis Knapp,
    Aged __ years,
    Emigrated ____
    to join his wife and other friends in the Celestial Fields of Paradise,
    thanking God for sense enough to die as He had lived for thirty
    years, thoroughly infidel to all ancient and modern humbug-myths
    as taught for fine clothes and place, at others' cost, by an indolent,
    egotistic, self-elected Priestly Crew.
    The fear of the Right Reverend Doctors of Divinity, thological
    scare-crow of Hellfire and Damnation to all who refuse to pay tithes
    to their support, had no force or effect on Lewis Knapp.

    Source : Kippax 1877

Burial : Milford Cemetery, Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

    Sacred to the Memory
    of Miss Mary Fowler
    daughter to Mr. Wil
    liam & Mrs. Eunice
    Fowler who Died
    Feby. 1st AD 1792 in the
    24th Year of her age.
    Molly tho pleasant in her day
    Was sudd'nly siezed and sent away
    How soon shes ripe how soon shes rottin
    Sent to her grave & soon for gottin.

    Source : findagrave.com, Memorial# 6393238

FRANK, Justin Arthur
Buried : Rose Garden, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California

    Justin Arthur Frank, M.D.
    March 22, 1908 - January 20, 1986

    Source : findagrave.com, Memorial #7077710

FRAZIER, Thomas, a youth
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia, USA

A considerable landowner.
Died in 1741.
Buried : Churchyard of Edwalton, Nottinghamshire, England

    She drank good ale, strong punch and wine,
    And lived to the age of ninety-nine.

    Source : Andrews 1899

FROST, Samuel; mentioned in the epitaph of :
ALLEN, Elisha
Memorial inscription : Princeton, Massachusetts

    In memory of
    Capt. Elisha Allen
    who was inhumanly mur-
    dered by Samuel Frost,
    July 16th 1793.
    aged 48 years.
    Passengers behold! my friends and view
    Breathless I lie; sent to the grave;
    Jesus my only hope - to save;
    No warning had of my sad fate
    Till dire the stroke, alas! to late.

    Source : Kippax 1877

FURZER, Daniel; mentioned in the epitaph of :
LEA, Elizabeth; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Phillip; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Benn.
Buried : St. John's churchyard, Deptford, Kent, England.

    Here lies
    Intered the Body of
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lea,
    (widow of Richd. Lea Esqre.,
    and Daughter of
    Daniel Furzer Esqre.)
    who died Novr. ye 15th 1754,
    aged 42 Years.
    Also the Body of
    Mr. Phillip Hooker,
    Husband of the above
    Jane Hooker, who died
    May 14th 1778, aged 63 Years.

    These letters were
    Recut by John David Rolt,
    and Phillip Hooker, great-grandsons
    of Elizabeth Lea:

    Also the body of Benn. Hooker
    Great-grandson of the above
    Mr. Phillip Hooker;
    Obt. 7th Jany, 1852; aged 31 years.

    Source : Roffe 1859

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