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        NEALE, Henry and Christian; DUTTON, Elizabeth and Delaval.
Cheam churchyard, Surrey, England.

    Here lyes ye bodyes of Christian
    the wife of Henry Neale, of Cheame,
    who was buried ye 29th of March 1664.
    And ye said Henry Neale, who was
    buried ye 29th of August 1675.
    Also their daughter Elizabeth Dutton,
    who was murdered ye 13th of July 1687,
    by her Neighbour, indeavering to
    make peace between him & his
    wife: aged 53 years.

    Here lyes ye best of wives of mothers & of friends,
    Whose soul too good for Earth, in heaven attends;
    With Joy and comfort till the day of doom,
    When all her virtuous deeds shall thither come.
    To save her Neighbour, she has split her blood;
    And like her Saviour, died for doing good.
    May that Curst hand forget itself to feed,
    That made its benefack-tour thus to bleed.

    Here lyes also ye body of Delaval
    Dutton her son, who departed this
    life the 22 of May 1689.

    Source : Roffe 1859

NEIL, Richard.
Buried : Edwinstowe churchyard, Nottinghamshire, England

    This awful Monitor to Man's Security,
    Richard Neil
    Who after having brav'd
    The boisterous Billows of the Biscan Shore
    The gaping Terrors of the rude Atlantic,
    And fulminating Wrath of haughty France
    In Fights victorious,
    At 39, in Vital Plenitude,
    And the meridian of well-earned friendship
    By some disastrous, unforseen Event,
    Yielded his Social Life
    To the minutia of his Element,
    in Thoresby Lake.

    As did the partner of his fleeting Breath,
    John Birdsall,
    Of youthful 28; but just immersed
    In Joys hymenial,
    Anxious to meet his lov'd, expecting Bride
    Was too arrested by the liquid Wave.
    Alike deserving and alike beloved,
    Fell two lamented youths
    Together, in one unpropitious Night
    The 29 of Jan., 1800;
    And this earth
    Them shall retain

    Source : The New York Times, June 30, 1884

NEILL, Samuel
Buried in a Methodist cemetery in Maryland

    In memory of Samuel Neill, the son of Thomas and Mary Neill, who departed
    this life August 16, 1798, agec 9 months and 23 days.
    Happy is the babe who's privileged by fate,
    To a shorter labour and lighter weight;
    But yesterday received the gift of breath,
    And order'd to-morrow to return to death.

    Source : Memoirs 1806

NELSON, Maria (Miss.)
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

Chaddleworth, Berkshire, England

    To the memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Nelson, of this parish, who died
    1618, beinge the age of 30 years, and had issue 7 children

    If thou religious art that passest by
    Stay and reade on ; as thou art so was I :
    If thou art blest with children, and dost crave
    In God's feare them trayned up to have
    Reade on agayn, and to thyself thus tell
    Here she doth lye that was my parallell;
    Or art thou bounteous, hospitable, free,
    Belov'd of all, and they beloved of thee;
    Meeke, full of mercy, and soe truly good
    As flesh can be, and sponge of gentle blood?
    If thou art soe, to thine own dear selfe saye,
    Who on her grave my monument dit lay?
    But if to these knowest thyselfe but chaffe,
    Pass on thy waye, read not my epitaphe.

    Source : Norfolk 1866

NICOLLS, Richard
Died 20 April, 1612, aged 59 years.
St Pancras, Middlesex, England.

    Here Lyeth
    Ye Body of RICHARD
    NICOLLS of Kentish Town
    Esqvier. Who Dyed in ye Faith
    of Christ ye 20th Day of Aprill
    Ao DNI 1612, Beinge of ye age of
    59 Yeares, having Bene 19 Yea-
    res married To Isabell Davher
    of Iohn Clarke of Eloesto in
    ye covnty of Bedf: Gentlema
    Who caused this stone
    to Be here laid For ye
    memoriall of him

    Here also lyeth Buried ye Body
    of the said ISABELL NICOLLS who
    lived 40ty Yeares and upwards
    the widowe of the said
    Richard Nicolls and died in
    the Faith of Jesus Christ
    the fourth day of July in
    the Year of our Lord God
    1652 Aged 77 and upwards.

    Source : Cansick 1869

NORRIS, Edward, mentioned in the epitaph of :
Buried in Englefield Church, Berkshire, England

    Under ye North East Window lieth ye Body of Sr. Francis Englefield
    Baronet : he was buried in May Ano. 1665. & in ye Grave where
    formely Sr. Edward Norris had been laid.

    Source : Le Neve 1718

Buried : St Pancras churchyard, Middlesex, England.

    Martin Nowland
    Executed for high treason
    at Tyburn, on the 24th of Feby 1742
    Note : He performed his devotions in his own way, and, being executed, his body was carried to St. Giles's, and soon afterwards buried in this churchyard by some of his Roman Catholic friends.

    Source : Cansick 1869

NUTTAL, Mr; a capenter
Died December 26, 1811
Buried in the crypt of the Monumental Church, Richmond, Virginia

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