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    Australia Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981. Index to selected Australia births and baptisms. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality.

    Australia Marriages, 1810-1980. Index to selected Australia marriages. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality.

    Australia Deaths and Burials, 1816-1980. Index to selected Australia deaths and burials. Only a few localities are included and the time period varies by locality.

    RecordSearch: RecordSearch is the National Archives of Australia collection database. It contains descriptions of 80 000 collections and over 6 million record items as well as details of about 9000 creators and depositors.

    Search The Welcome Wall Website : A project that pays tribute to the millions of migrants who crossed the world to settle in Australia.

    Australian dictionary of dates and men of the time. Free online edition of this book by G. Robertson published in 1879.

    Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange. A free resource for genealogists to share information from Australian and New Zealand vital records. Registration required.

    Miscellaneous Transcripts from Australia

    Australia Land Grants 1788-1809. A Record of registered Grants and Leases in NSW, Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island.

    National Library of Australia Oral History Collection. Search this national collection of some 58,000 oral history and folk recordings : Interviews with eminent Australians, regional studies highlighting the daily lives and work experience of ordinary Australians. A major recent project has been the Bringing Them Home Stolen Children's Oral History Project (300 interviews).

    Missing Family and Friends in Australia, pre 1900. Names published in colonial newspapers for missing Family, Friends, Employees, Convicts and Absconded Spouses.

    Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 : A digital library of Australian journals that began publication between 1840-1845.

    First Families 2001: A database and collection of stories about the people of Australia, past and present. This is the archived version of the Web site. You can browse the database but not search it.

    The Dictionary Of Australian Bushrangers. This is the archives version of the Web site.

    Tracking Our Family Footsteps through Time in Australia: Where they were born, married and died

    Australian Immigration Wall of Honour : The Australian Immigration Wall of Honour is a series of brass plaques with the names of immigrants to Australia submitted by various people to Janet Reakes, who was a well known genealogist from the Hervey Bay area of Queensland.

    Manuscript Finding Aids of the National Library of Australia

    Australian Honours List : The Australian Honours List (AHL) is an official record, containing 240,000 entries, of all Australians who have been honoured since federation through to the present day, with the exception of military campaign service and military long service awards.

    Mariners Index. An index to references for mariners and seamen worldwide, mentioned in colonial Australian newspapers, pre 1900.

    Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index. Established almost 20 years ago (the first of its kind in this country), the Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index provides a single nation-wide collection point for unwanted Australian certificates.

    Australian Police Index : An index for references to members of the police force who are mentioned in articles of information from the following Australian newspapers: Belfast Gazette (1851-1900), Portland Advertiser, Belfast Banner, Warrnambool Examiner, and Launceston Advertiser.

    Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters

    Australian Medical Pioneers Index (AMPI) : A database of over 3,000 pioneer doctors, from the 1700s through to 1875. You will find doctors who were registered or qualified in Australia, were resident in Australia, or visited here in a professional capacity, before 1875. Ships' surgeons, convict doctors, general practitioners and medical specialists are included.

    Ludwig Bruck's List of Unregistered Medical Practitioners in Australasia (archived website). The List of Unregistered Practitioners appears as an appendix to the larger publication, The Australasian Medical Directory and Hand Book. The issue reproduced here is the second, dated 1886, and published in Sydney at the Australasian Medical Gazette Office.

    Australian LDS Emigration for 1853-1868 Ordered by Surname, First name

    Australian Marriage Notices for People from Kent, England 1840-1865

    History of Australian Theatre Database. This database contains the names of over 4000 people who were involved with the Australian Theatre in the past. Many of the names come from the years 1900-1917.

    Australian Modern Newspaper Indexes (archived Web page). Mainly April to July 2002 bereavements from The Sunday Examiner, Tasmania, Australia.

    Australian Women’s Archives Project Register.

    Family Tree Oz : Provides several Australian genealogy and family history searchable indexes. Free registration required.

    Klondike Pioneers from Australia

    Database of Australian Cricket Players past and present.

    Australian and New Zealand Records at Rootsweb


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