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  • Cemeteries

    South Australia Cemetery Records and Transcriptions

    South Australian Cemeteries. Searchable database of death and burial information extracted from burial registers and/or memorial inscriptions on grave headstones/plaques.

    South Australia Cemeteries and burial places

    Orroroo Carrieton Region, South Australia Cemetery Records

    Green Plains West Cemetery, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

    Burial record for Jamestown Cemetery, South Australia 1873 - 2000

    Alexandrina Council, South Australia Cemetery Search

    Amyton Cemetery, South Australia. Hannond Road, north of Willowie.

    Bull Creek Primitive Methodist Cemetery, South Australia

  • Convict Records

    South Australian transported convicts

  • Military Records

    South Australians in the Boer War

    World War I South Australian Servicemen Deaths

    South Australian Returned Servicemen Deaths 1947 to present.

  • Passenger Lists and Immigration

    1803-58 : South Australian Shipping & Immigration. This database contains ships and passengers from the UK & Ireland up to 1850 and from Germany (Prussia) up to 1858.

    South Australian Naturalizations 1839 to 1903.

    1836 : HMS Buffalo passenger and Crew List, England to South Australia

    Bound for South Australia. Passenger lists 1836-1851 from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and elsewhere.

    1839 : Passenger list : the Buckinghamshire, London to South Australia

    1839-1840 Passenger list : the Java, London to South Australia

    Misc. Passenger Lists to South Australia 1836-1860

    1846-1850 : Misc. Passenger Lists to South Australia

    1837-1860 : German Emigrants to South Australia - (TheShipsList) - From the original passenger lists

  • Vital Records

    South Australian Marriage Records 1836-57

    South Australian Birth Records 1836 to 1860. The major sources of these early records were church baptism registers and the index to South Australian birth certificates.

    South Australian Gazetted Deaths 1845-1941. Searchable database of more than 5,000 deaths extracted from police reports in the South Australian Government Gazettes in the period 1845-1941, including the Northern Territory up to the end of 1910 when the Commonwealth Government took over its administration.

    South Australian Death Records 1836 to 1855+. The major sources of these early records were cemetery burial registers and headstone inscriptions together with the index to South Australian death registrations.

    South Australia 1838 B.D.M's Index (archived website). A list of Births, Deaths or Marriages as listed in the newspaper titled South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register for the year 1838.

  • Misc. Records

    South Australian Aboriginal Genealogy Sources.

    South Australian Pioneer Families. Old Colonist arrivals, births & marriages.

    Names in South Australian 1841 Census Returns

    South Australian Land Purchases by Credit Selection. This searchable database of more than 17,000 credit selections covers the period 1869-90.

    Persons Lost and Found 1838-1905 (South Australia). A database of deserters from wives, families, ships, military and other service, the deserted, those failing to support their families, missing persons, escaped prisoners, absconders from asylums and industrial schools, convict expirees arriving from other colonies, and bigamists compiled from South Australian Police Gazettes and early SA Government Gazettes.

    The Representative Men of South Australia. Digitized edition of this book by George E. Loyau published in 1883 (pdf document).

    South Australian State Children's Home Officers : Names of Office holders at the various State run Children's Homes, Reformatories and Maternity Homes in South Australia in the early part of the last century (archived Web page - not always available).

    Gold Diggers from South Australia 1852-53. Searchable database of gold diggers from South Australia who brought or sent their gold home from the Victorian goldfields.

    South Australian crooks, cops and victims of the 1840s.

    South Australian photographers from 1845 to around 1915. List of known individual photographers, partnerships, companies, managers, colourists, retouchers, photo-material suppliers, etc. (approx. 700 names)

    Whalers listed in South Australia Government Gazettes from 1844 to 1851

    South Australians listed in the 1881 British Census

    South Australia Police Force - 1838 to 1920

    Unclaimed Letters, South Australia, December 21, 1838 (archived website).


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