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Tasmanian Names Index. Use the Tasmanian Name Index to search records from a variety of sources of interest to genealogists.

Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database linking individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information about individuals is based on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events, held in the Archives Office of Tasmania.  The database, at present, contains approximately five hundred thousand entries.

  • Cemeteries

    Tasmania Cemetery Records and Transcriptions

    Tasmania Cemetery Inscriptions and Images Online

    Cemetery records of Tasmania : Compiled by members of the LDS Mission and published in 1954.

    Cornelian Bay Cemetery records, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

  • Convicts

    Indexes of Tasmanian Convicts

    Tasmanian Convict List : This list is being compiled to help researchers contact each other and access the Tasmanian Family History Service index of convict information.

    1828 Tasmania Convicts Monies Due Index

    Tasmania Convicts 1833-37 : Index of convicts created from references in the personal papers of John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner.

    Tasmania Convicts Index from newspaper sources.

    Convicts eligible to apply for Tickets of Leave, Tasmania 1837

    Uncollected Tickets of Leave 1837 Tasmania, Australia

    Convict Marriages, Tasmania : 1843 - 1844

    Ratcliffe Convicts - 1845 : Convicts who arrived in Van Diemans Land - now Tasmania in the year 1845, after conviction of crimes in Ireland

    Former Swing Rioters Living in Van Diemen's Land pre 1856. Protest machine breakers from Southeast England transported to Van Diemen's Land 1831-1833.

    Convict Crew, 1823-1828, out of Hobart, Tasmania

    Australasia Biographies. Timeline biographies of the 200 female convicts transported on the Australasia from Dublin, Ireland to Hobart, Tasmania in 1849.

    Rajah Biographies. Timeline biographies of the 180 female convicts transported on the Rajah from England to Hobart in 1841.

  • Immigration

    Immigrants Recruited by the Launceston Immigration aid Society 1855-1862 : Immigrants from England to Tasmania.

    Tasmania Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) List. The Unknown Arrivals (Swimmers) Index has been set up to enable researchers to list their interest in finding their elusive ancestor. Listing your unknown arrival here may help you to find someone else who has information to help you in your search.

    Tasmanian Immigrants List. The Tasmanian Immigrants List is an ongoing project, being compiled to help researchers contact each other.

  • Military Records

    Tasmania War Memorials.

    Tasmanians Serving in the Boer War

  • Passenger Lists

    Passenger List of the Brig "Indian" : departed from London arriving Launceton, Tasmania 1 January 1844.

    1832-1883 : Shipping and Immigrants Indexes (Tasmania GenWeb)>

    Crew on ships out of the port of Launceston, Tasmania 1836

    Tasmanian Non-Convict List : An ongoing project, being compiled to help researchers contact each other. This list is only for people who came to Tasmania and Norfolk Island on convict transport ships (1812-1853), and were not convicts, e.g. crew, passengers, military. The list contains: Non-Convict name, title, ship, contact name and e-mail address.

    Crew on ships departing Hobart, Tasmania : 1823 - 1824 - 1825 - 1826 - 1828 - 1829

    Passenger Arrivals and Departures George Town, Northern Tasmania, March-December 1843

    Port Fairy & Portland 1845 Passenger Lists (Victoria, Australia) : to and from George Town, Tasmania

    Portland Bay and Port Fairy, Victoria Passenger List 1847 : to and from Launceston, Tasmania - to and from George Town, Tasmania

    Passenger List of the Eugenie, Germany to Tasmania, 1871-1872: Prussian, Alsatian, Swedish, Danish, Austrian, Mecklenberg, and Saxon immigrants.

    Hiring List : Passengers aboard the Sir Allan McNab, 1853/4, Liverpool to Tasmania

  • Vital Records

    Tasmania Gen Web Births Index

    Births, Deaths and Marriages from the Tasmania Newspaper 1841 - 17th July 1844

    Tasmania GenWeb Marriage Witness Index

    Births, Deaths and Marriages from the Colonial Times (Tasmania) 1825-30

    Births, Deaths and Marriages from the Cornwall Chronicle (Tasmania) 14th Feb 1835 - Dec 1840

    Tasmania GenWeb Archived Death Index (Australia)

    Catholic Deaths at Jerusalem, Tasmania, Australia 1868-1881 (archived Web page - not always available).

  • Misc. Records

    Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts : Case Index 1824-1832

    Tasmanian Electoral Rolls

    Tasmanian Post Office Directories and Jurors Lists

    Index to the Book Recollections of North Bruny Island (Tasmania, Australia)

    Index to The Hobart Town Gazette, Tasmania, Australia. An index to people listed in some issues of The Hobart Town Gazette, includes type of listing and date and page number of publication.

    Abbotsham State School Enrollments 1920-1953, Tasmania

    East Coast, Tasmania Post Office Directory 1921-22

    Tasmanian History Indexes

    Hotels, Licences, Inns, Public Houses Indexes, Tasmania, Australia

    Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) to 1824

    List of the Bass Strait islanders of hybrid descent and their associates, 1815-1939 with some additional details to 1949.

    Residents of Hobart, Tasmania 1867-1868 : Part 1 - Part 2

    Burnie & Circular Head Indexes (Tasmania, Australia)

    Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    Derwent Valley Area, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    Devonport & Central Coast, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    East Coast Area, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    Hobart Area, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    Launceston Area Indexes, Tasmania, Australia

    Midlands Area, Tasmania, Australia Indexes

    Westcoast, Tasmania, Australia Indexes


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