Northern Territory, Australia

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Gazetted Deaths in South Australia & NT : Searchable database of more than 5,000 deaths (often referred to as sudden deaths) extracted from police reports in the South Australian Government Gazettes in the period 1845-1941. It includes deaths in the Northern Territory up to the end of 1910 when the Commonwealth Government took over NT administration from SA.

Darwin civilian casualties - deaths : List of civilian casualties in air raids on 19 February 1942 to 26 February 1942 (pdf document).

Northern Territory, Australia Aboriginal Genealogy Sources

Aboriginal Personal Records at the Northern Territory Archives, Australia

Misc. Palmerston, Northern Australia Births 1872-1902

Stuart Town Cemetery - Alice Springs Central

Remembering Territory Families. Online exhibition. List of contributing families.

Headstone Data from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia.

Gardens Cemetery, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Inscription List for Miscellaneous Inscriptions, Northern Territory, Australia.

Palmerston Cemetery, Northern Territory, Australia.

Northern Territory Rootsweb Genealogy Message Board.

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Current Northern Territory History Auctions (

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