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        BECKE, John
Former rector of Kettlethorpe Church.
Died in 1597.
Memorial inscription on the east wall of the chancel of Kettlethorpe Church, Lincolnshire, England.

    I am a Becke, or river as you know,
    And wat'rd here ye church, ye schole, ye pore,
    While God did make my springes here for to flow:
    But now my fountain stopt, it runs no more;
    From Church and schole mi life ys now bereft,
    But to ye pore four poundes I yearly left.

    Source : Andrews 1899
    Note from Andrews (in 1899) :We may add that the stream of his charity still flows, and is yearly distributed amongts the poor of Kettlethorpe.

HILL, Otwell (Dr.)
Memorial inscription in Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire, England
Died in 1616, aged 56 years

    Doctor Otwell Hill
    'Tis Otwell Hill, a holy Hill,
    And, truly, sooth to say,
    Upon this hill, he praised still,
    The Lord both night and day.
    Upon this hill this Hill did cry,
    Aloud the Scripture letter,
    And strove your wicked villains by
    Good counsel to make better.
    And now this Hill tho' under stones,
    Has the Lord's hill to lie on;
    For Lincoln Hill has got his bones
    His soul, the Hill of Sion.

    Source : Howe 1901

HONEYWOOD, Michael (Very Rev.)
Epitaph in Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire, England

    Here lieth the Body of
    Michael Honeywood, D.D.,
    Dean of Lincoln, who died Sept. 7, 1681, aged 85.
    He was Grandchild, and one of the 367 persons
    That Mary, the Wife of Robert Honeywood, Esq.,
    Did see before she died lawfully descended from her;
    That is,
    Sixteen of her own body,
    One hundred and fourteen Grandchildren,
    Two hundred and twenty-eight of the third generation,
    And nine of the fourth.

    (Lady Mary Honeywood died at Markshall in Essex, in
    1620, aged ninety-two, and in the forty-fourth year of her

    Source : Johnson 1883

Buried Stamford Baron St. Martin, England (was Northamptonshire, now Lincolnshire)

    Altus in animo, in corpore maximus.
    In remembrance of that prodigy in Nature,
    Daniel Lambert.
    A native of Leicester, who was possessed of an exalted, convivial mind;
    and in personal greatness had no competitor;
    He measured 3 ft. 1 in. round the legs, 9 ft. 4 in. round the body,
    and weighed 52 st. 11 lb.
    He departed this life on the 21st June, 1809,
    Aged 39 years.
    As a testimony of respect, this stone is erected by his friends in Leicester.

    Source : Eaton 1900

MONSON, Mrs Frances (Tirwhitt)
From Lincolnshire
Died 16 April, 1658
St Pancras, Middlesex, England.

    Here lieth buried the body of Mrs. Frances
    Monson wife of Anthony Monson
    of Northorp in the county of Lincolne
    Esq and second daughter of Sir Philip
    Tirwhitt of Stainefeild
    in the said covnty Baronet.
    She departed this
    Life the sixteenth day of April
    Anno Dm 1658.
    Her Faith and sickness both together strave
    That Christ may have her soule, her corps ye grave,
    Death ends the strife. Both conqurors appeare,
    Christ hath her soule. Her body resteth here.

    Source : Cansick 1869

PEPPER, William
Died 1783
Buried at St. John's, Stamford, Lincolnshire

    Tho' hot my name, yet mild my nature,
    I bore good will to every creature;
    I brew'd good ale, and sold it too,
    And unto each I gave his due.

    Source : Johnson 1883

THORPE, Adlard
Inscription in the chancel of the church, Wainfleet St Mary, Lincolnshire, England

    Under this stone there is a vault, and
    therein lyes the Remains of Adlard Thorpe,
    Gent., a Sinner and a Ringer, who departed
    this life on the 24th of January 1770, aged 58 years.

    Source : Johnson 1883

Buried in Darfield Church, Yorkshire, England.

    Here lyeth buried the Body of Kathe-
    rine the daughter of Will. Willoughby Esqr;
    eldest son of Charles Ld Willoughby Baron
    of Parham, Wife to Joseph Godfrey of Thorock
    in the County of Lincolne Esqr; 27 yeares
    1 Month and 21 dayes his Widow; Dyed 15th
    Aug. Ao. Dni. 1658. Aged about 75 yeares. Wil-
    loughby Godfrey of Ederthorpe second Son
    to her, having decently seene her interred
    did erect this, as his last duty, with her
    due armories.

    Source : Le Neve 1718

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