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        BARHAM, James
Buried at Leeds, Kent, England

    In memory of James Barham, of this parish, who departed this life
    January 14th, 1818, aged 93; and who, from the year 1774 to the year
    1804, rung in Kent and elsewhere 112 peals, not less than 5040 changes
    in each peal, and called bobs, etc., for most of the peals; and April
    7th and 8th 1761, assisted in ringing 40,320 bob majors on Leeds bells
    in twenty-seven hours.

    Source : Johnson 1883

BOXER, Thomas
From a churchyard near Folkestone, Kent, England

    This stone is sacread to the memory of poor old Muster Thomas Boxer,
    who was loste in the goud boate Rouver, jus coming home with much
    fishes, got near Torbay, in the year of our Lord 1722.
    Pray, goud fishermen, stop and drop a tear,
    For we have lost his company here,
    And where he's gone we cannot tell,
    But we hope far from the wicked Bell (beerhouse).
    The Lord be with him.

    Source : Johnson 1883

CHAPMAN, William
Gravestone at Beckenham, Kent, England

    Sacred to the Memory of
    William Chapman
    of this Parish,
    who died December the
    25th 1793
    Aged 77 years.
    Sixty years of his life were passed under the Burrell Family, three
    successive Generations of which he served with such Intelligence and
    fidelity, as to obtain from each the sincerest respect and Friendship,
    leaving behind him at his Death the Character of a truly Honest and
    good Man.

    Source : Andrews 1899

CHEWNEY, Katherine
Buried : St Nicholas-at-Wade, Kent, England, in the Chancel of the Church.

    Here lyes in expectation of a Glorious
    Resurrction the Body of Katherine
    The beloved Wife of Nic. Chewney
    Vicar of this Parish, by whom he
    Had two Sonnes, viz. Nicholas
    And John both deceased &
    Lye here interred, She
    Departed hence ye 15th
    Of Febru. Anno 1650
    And in the 24th
    Yeare of her

    Pignus Amoris
    Pignus Doloris

    A loyall loving Wife and Mother deare
    Twixt her two Babes doth lye interred here;
    Whose Soules fit crowned in that Heavenlye Quire
    Of endlesse joy, fill'd with Coelestial fire.
    And yet my teares even in their Passion would
    Recall you from that Kingdom if they could.
    Pardon, my Deare, this my distracted Zeale
    And you my Babes, to whome I doe appeal.
    My losse b'ing great, my grief must needs be foe
    The more I strive 'gainst tears the more they flowe
    Till I approach your blisse, O who can tell
    Your happy welcome, or ma sad farewell?

    Source : Le Neve 1718

Gravestone in Milton Regis, Kent, England

    Here lyeth the body of SIMON GILKER Junior who was killed by means of a Rockett November 5, 1696 AGED 48 Years. Also the body of Elizabeth his wife

    Source : Martin Beckford : BBC reveals Britain's most unusual epitaphs. The Telegraph (UK), September 24, 2007.

HORNE, Sally
Inscription in a small and solitary Churchyard in Kent

    To the memory of my four wives, who all died within the space of ten
    years, but more pertickler to the last, Mrs. Sally Horne, who has left
    me and four dear children : she was a good, sober, and clean soul, and
    may i soon go to her - A.D. 1732 :

    Dear wives, if you and i shall all go to heaven,
    The Lord be blest, for then we shall be even,

    William Joy Horne, Carpenter

    Source : Fairley 1873

Buried in Crayford, Kent, England

    Here lieth the body of
    Peter Isnell
    (Thirty years Clerk to this parish).
    He lived respected as a pious and mirthful man, and died on his way to
    church to assist at a wedding on the 31st day of March, 1811, aged 70 years.
    The inhabitants of Crayford have raised this stone to his cheerful
    memory, and as a tribute to his long and faithful services.

    The life of this Clerk was just threescore and ten,
    Nearly half of which time he had sung out Amen.
    In his youth he was married, like other young men,
    But his wife died one day, so he chanted Amen.
    A second he took - she departed; what then?
    He married and buried a third with Amen.
    Thus his joys and his sorrows were Trebled; but then
    His voice was deep Bass, as he sung out Amen.
    On the horn he could blow as well as most men,
    So his horn was exalted in blowing Amen.
    But he lost all his Wind after threescore and ten,
    And here with three Wives he waits till again
    The Trumpet shall arouse him to sing out Amen.

    Source : Howe 1901

IVES, Edward
Died young in June 1813
Buried in the south-east part of the churchyard of Lee, Kent, England

    Could lettered stone or monumental bust
    Rekindle life, or animate the dust,
    Oh ! what high altars would a mother raise,
    Toil would be rapture, labour would be praise !
    But since the fixed decree can change no more,
    Nor prayers nor tears departed life restore;
    Since vain the sculptor's and the poet's bays,
    Accept, lamented shade, these simple lays;
    Accept the tribute nature offers here,
    A weeping mother hanging o'er thy bier;
    Whose early promise, shrouded in the tomb,
    Spreads o'er her soul more than sepulchral gloom.
    But ah ! the hope of meeting after death,
    Of life renewed, where no pestiferous breath
    Shall blast the early floweret in its pride,
    Nor tear the sapling from its parent's side,
    Shall teach her to resign what once was given,
    Nor mourn AN ANGEL is recalled to heaven.

    Source : Johnson 1883

KING, John
Gravestone at Beckenham, Kent, England

    In memory
    John King
    who departed this Life 29th of
    December 1774 aged 75 years.
    He was 61 years Servant
    Mr. Francis Valentine,
    Valentine, and Paul
    from Father to Son,
    without ever
    Quitting their Service,
    his Duty, or being
    in Liquor.

    Source : Andrews 1899

LEA, Elizabeth; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Phillip; HOOKER, Jane; HOOKER, Benn.
Buried : St. John's churchyard, Deptford, Kent, England.

    Here lies
    Intered the Body of
    Mrs. Elizabeth Lea,
    (widow of Richd. Lea Esqre.,
    and Daughter of
    Daniel Furzer Esqre.)
    who died Novr. ye 15th 1754,
    aged 42 Years.
    Also the Body of
    Mr. Phillip Hooker,
    Husband of the above
    Jane Hooker, who died
    May 14th 1778, aged 63 Years.

    These letters were
    Recut by John David Rolt,
    and Phillip Hooker, great-grandsons
    of Elizabeth Lea:

    Also the body of Benn. Hooker
    Great-grandson of the above
    Mr. Phillip Hooker;
    Obt. 7th Jany, 1852; aged 31 years.

    Source : Roffe 1859

MONK, Elizabeth
Buried : Bromley churchyard, Kent, England

    Near this Place lies the Body of
    Elizabeth Monk,
    She was the widow of John Monk of this Parish, Blacksmith,
    her second Husband;
    who departed this life on the 27th day of August, 1753.
    Aged 101.
    To whom she had been a Wife near 50 Years,
    By whom she had no children,
    And of the issue of the first marriage, none lived to the second:
    would not suffer her to be childless,
    An infant, to whom, and to whose Father and Mother she had been Nurse,
    (such is the uncertainty of temporal prosperity,)
    became dependent upon Strangers for the maintenance of life;
    To him she afforded the protection of a Mother;
    This Parental Charity was returned with Filial Affection,
    And she was supported in the fulness of Age,
    By him whom she had cherished in the helplessness of infancy.
    that there is no station in which Industry will not obtain
    Power to the liberal,
    Nor any Character on which Liberality will not confer Honour.
    She had long been prépared by a simple and unaffected
    Piety for that awful
    Moment, which, however delayed
    is universally sure :
    How few are allowed an equal time for Probation;
    How many, by their lives, appear to presume upon more.

    To preserve the memory of the Person, but yet more to perpetuate the
    lesson of her life, This Stone was erected by Voluntary Contributions.

    Source : Maiben 1870

ROGERS, Rebecca
Folkestone churchyard, Kent, England

    Memory of
    Rebecca Rogers
    who died Augt. 22nd. 1688.
    Aged 44 Years

    A House She hath, its made of such good fashion,
    The Tenant ne'er shall pay for reparation:
    Nor will her Landlord ever raise her rent,
    Or turn her out of doors for non-payment:
    From Chimney Money to this cell is free,
    To such a House who would not Tenant be.

    Source : Maiben 1870

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