The Richmond Theater Fire

December 26, 1811

Richmond, Virginia

List of Victims

1811 Richmond Theater Fire

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From the book : A collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions with occasional notes, pentade 1, volume 5. By Rev. Timothy Alden. S. Marks Printer, New York, 1814; p. 7-12.

Epitaph on the monument erected shortly after the fire

In memory of the awful calamity, that, by the providence of God, fell on this city, on the night of the 26 of December, in the year of Christ, 1811; when, by the sudden and dreadful conflagration of the Richmond Theatre, many citizens, of different ages, and of both sexes, distinguished for talents and for virtues, respected and beloved, perished in the flames; and, in one short moment, publick joy and private happiness were changed into universal lamentation; this monument is erected; and the adjoining church dedicated to the worship of almighty God, that, in all future times, the remembrance of this mournful event, on the spot where it happened, and where the remains of the sufferers are deposited in one urn, may be united with acts of penitence and devotion.

List of victims compiled by the Rev. Alden

Note : the names in parentheses are from the Monumental Church Monument Tablet erected in 1962 and are indicated in case of discrepancies between the two lists).

The following is a list of the unhappy victims to this dread calamity, taken from the gazettes published at the time and corrected, by the author of this work, in May, 1814, from verbal information received of sundry people at Richmond.

From Jefferson ward :

His excellency, George W. Smith, Governour of Virginia
Miss Sophia Trouin and Miss Cecilia Trouin, sisters
Joseph Jacobs and his daughter, miss Elizabeth Jacobs (Eliza Jacobs)
Cyprian Marks (name not on the monument tablet)
Mrs. Marks, the wife of Mordecai Marks (Zepporah Marks)
Miss Charlotte Raphael, daughter of Solomon Raphael
Miss Adeline Bausman,
Miss Ann Craig
Mr. Nuttal, a capenter
Pleasant, a mulatto woman
Nancy Patterson, a woman of colour.

From Madison ward :

Abraham B. Venable, esq. president of the Virginia Bank
William Southgate, son of Wright Southgate
Benjamin Botts, esq. an eminent attorney and his wife (Jane Botts)
Miss Arianna Hunter
Miss Mary Whitlock (Mary Gabriella Whitelooke)
Miss Juliana Harvie (Julia Harvie)
Mrs. Sarah Heron (Sarah Herron)
Mrs. Girardin (Mary Girardin) and her child
Mrs. Robert Greenhow (Ann Greenhow)
Mrs. Moss
Child of Baruch Judah (Judith Judah)
Mrs. Lesslie (Ann Lesslie)
Edward Wanton, a youth
George Dixon, a youth
William Brown
Mrs. Elizabeth Pattison (Elizabeth Patterson)
John Welch, a stranger lately from England, nephew of sir A. Pigott
Miss Margaret Copland
Miss Margaret Anderson
Miss Sarah Gatewood (Sally Gatewood)
Miss Mary Clay, whose father was then a member of congress
Miss Lucy Gawthmey (Lucy Gwathney)
Miss Louisa Mayo, an orphan
Mrs. Gerard (name not on the monument tablet)
Mrs. Eleanor Gibson
Miss Ann Green (Ann Morton Green)
Mary Davis
Thomas Frazier, a youth
Jane Wade, a young woman
Mrs. William Cook (Rebecca Cook) and her daughter (child)
Mrs. Elizabeth Stevenson (Eliza Stevenson)
Mrs. Convert (Josephine Convert) and her child
Martha Griffin (Patsy Griffin)
Fanny Goff (Fanny Graff), a woman of colour
Betsey Johnson (Betsy Johnson), a free woman of colour
Philadelphia, a man of colour (name not on the monument tablet)

From Monroe ward:

Mrs. Taylor Braxton (Anna F. Braxton)
Mrs. Elizabeth Page
Mrs. Jerrod
James Waldon
Miss Elliot (Judith Elliott) of New Kent
Mrs. Joseph Gallego (Mary Gallego)
Miss Sarah Conyers (Sarah C. Conyers)
James Gibbon, esq. lieutenant in the navy of the United States
Mrs. Thomas Wilson (Lucinda C. Wilson)
Miss Maria Nelson
Miss Mary Page
Mrs. Laforest
Mr. Almerine Marshall (Almarine Marshall) of Wythe county

To the foregoing these are also to be added:

Miss Elvira Coutts (Elvin Coutes)
Mrs Pickit (Picket)
Miss Littlepage
Jean Baptiste Rozier (John B. Rezi)
Thomas Lecroix (Thomas Lacroix)
Robert Ferrill, a mulatto boy

Many, who escaped with their lives, were much scorched in the flames, some were killed and others were greatly injured by throwing themselves from the windows, or by being trampled under foot in the attempt to escape with the crowd.
Mrs. John Bosher (Mary Bosher) and Ed. James Harvie (Edwin J. Harvie), esq. expired, soon after the dreadful catastrophe.

Names on the monument tablet but not on the list of the Rev. Alden

... Scott
John Schrub

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