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USA Military Ancestry Search  

U.S. National Cemetery Administration Nationwide Gravesite Locator. Search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in Veterans Affairs National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries, and for veterans buried in private cemeteries when the grave is marked with a government grave marker.

US. National Cemeteries : A collection of links to browsable and/or searchable burial transcriptions.

Purple Heart Recipient Database (United States)

African American Medal of Honor Winners from the Civil War to the Spanish American War

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Aces

1813 Invalid Pensioners - United States Military Veterans (archived website - may be unavailable, incomplete or slow to respond)

U. S. Military Rosters at RootsWeb

U.S. Army Center of Military History Full-text Listings of Medal of Honor Citations From the Civil War to today : Index of the full-text files by war.

Colonial Wars

Soldiers of King Philip's War (1675-1677)

Men and Officers who served in King Philips War (The Indian War of 1675-1677)

An index of ancestors and roll of members of the Society of Colonial Wars : the honor roll, services of members of the society during the World War, 1917-1918.

Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Bounty Warrants Database at the Library of Virginia : A fully-searchable index to the documents used to verify dates and length of service of officers, soldiers, and sailors in a Virginia or Continental unit during the Revolutionary War. Accumulated service was used to determine the amount of bounty land awarded to each individual. Document images are available online.

British, German, and Loyalist Officers in the American Revolution. The names of over 2,500 men who served the British cause during the American Revolution.

American Revolutionary War Soldiers & Their Descendants. Names of thousands of soldiers, each associated with the email address of a researcher that can provide background information.

Valley Forge Muster Roll : 30,000 plus men served at the Valley Forge Encampment under General George Washington during the period of Dec 1777 to Jun 1778.

American Prisoners of the Revolution : Free online edition of this book by Danske Dandridge published about 1910. Includes the names of 8000 men.

1840 U.S. Census of Pensioners - Revolutionary War or Military Service. With the names, ages, and place of residence.

Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements.

The Loyalist Collection - University of New Brunswick, Canada. The online Inventory and Finding Aids for Church Records, Family Records, Military Records, Special Collections, the Public Records of Colonial America, Great Britain, and the Provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are now available through this online Web service.

Index to Loyalist Muster Rolls. A representative sampling of the muster rolls that exist for 28 American and Canadian regiments.

United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada : Directory of Loyalists

Participants in the Revolutianary War Battles of Saratoga, NY

Revolutionary War Veterans with Mayflower Descent (archived website - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

La FayetteGenWeb : A database of French soldiers who fought in the U.S. Revolutionary War. Web site in French.

War of 1812

War of 1812 Cemetery, Aero Road, Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York : Names of the United States Soldiers (From 16 States) Buried in the old Military Cemetery.

American Prisoners of War that died at the British Interment Camp at Halifax, Nova Scotia in the War of 1812 (archived website - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

British 41st Regiment of Foot : Deserters and/or settlers in North America (1812-1814)

Officers of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in the War of 1812

American POWs Buried at Dartmoor Prison, Devon, England 1813-1815. During the War of 1812 many American prisoners were confined there, and their brutal mistreatment was investigated after the war by an Anglo-American commission that awarded compensation to the families of those who had died there.

1840 Census of Pensioners - Revolutionary War or Military Service. With the names, ages, and place of residence.

Index of Claims of the New York Soldiers of the War of 1812

War with Mexico

Roll of Honor - U.S. Battle Casualties of the War with Mexico, 1846-1848

Aztec Club of 1847 Database. The most complete record of Mexican War service by American officers ever presented

Names of the survivors of Col. Stevenson's regiment. This regiment sailed from the city of New York in the fall of '46, and arrived in California, March 6, 1847. Source: "The Argonauts Of California" by C. W. Haskins, 1890.

Civil War

US Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System:
Search by Soldier. The CWSS database currently contains over 6 million soldier names from 44 states and territories.
Search Fort McHenry Prison Records (Confederate Soldiers)
Search Andersonville Prison Records (Union Soldiers)
Search For Medal of Honor Recipients

Union and Confederate POWs of the Civil War

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War : National Graves Registration Database

Civil War Rosters - Arranged by State. A directory of Civil War Rosters/Muster Rolls that have been found on the internet.

Members of Quantrill's Guerillas in the Civil War. Hundreds of names, along with sources.

The Generals' Burials Listing from the U.S. Civil War Center

Confederate Officers Photograph Album

Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library Submitted Information: Confederate Index

Search the Passenger List of the Civil War's 1865 Sultana Tragedy

Complete Descriptive List or Muster Roll of the Crew of the U.S. Steamer "Florida" on the First day of October, 1863

A List Of Confederate Soldiers Buried In Our Soldiers Cemetery Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia

Confederate Soldiers killed at Antietam. This 1869 list documents the names, regiments and location of those Confederates buried where they fell after the battles in the Maryland campaign of the Civil War.

Field Officers and Staff, 1st Cherokee Mounted Riflemen, Confederated States of America, Indian Nation

Civil War Veterans buried at Hillside Cemetery, Middletown, NY

Ellet's Ram Fleet and the Mississippi Marine Brigade : A brief history and roster of these little-known units which saw action on the western rivers.

Confederate Veteran Magazine 1893-1932 Index This index lists the personal names of Confederate soldiers as they appear in the Confederate Veteran Magazine between 1893 and 1932.

Complete Descriptive Muster Roll of the Crew of the U.S.S. "Brooklyn" on the 31st day of December, 1864.

Complete Descriptive Muster Roll of the Crew of the "U.S.S. Minnesota" on the First day of January, 1865

Asians In The Civil War

Norwegians in the U.S. Civil War

The Confederados : Confederate Veterans in Brazil. Confederate veterans who immigrated to Brazil following the Civil War.

Canadians in the Civil War by alphabetical listing.

Base de données des participants canadiens-français et franco-américains dans la guerre civile américaine. Database of French Canadian and Franco-American Participants in the American Civil War (In French)

Civil War Veterans Buried in Canada

Civil War Veterans Buried in Australia

Union Navy Deaths During the War : Details obtained from the Washington, D.C., Daily National Intelligencer 1863-1864

Confederate States Navy Deaths During the War

Union soldiers executed by the Union Army during the Civil War (archived website - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

Participants at the 1886 Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic in San Francisco, California (twentieth annual convention)

Post Civil War and Pre-World War

United States, Index to General Correspondence of the Record and Pension Office, 1889-1904. This collection is a card index to general correspondence received by the Record and Pension Office. The cards usually give the name of the soldier, unit in which served, name of the person or office making the inquiry, subject of the inquiry, and file number.

1900 U.S.Military and Naval Federal Census

World War I

World War 1 Honor Roll : Database of the American Battle Monuments Commission. Contains the 33,714 names of those buried at the Commission's cemeteries, those Missing in Action and those buried or lost at sea.

WWI Aces of the United States. Honoring WWI pilots granted the designation of Ace. Biographies, medals and decorations, photos, etc.

List of Regular Army Negro Officer Personnel before World War II

An index of ancestors and roll of members of the Society of Colonial Wars : the honor roll, services of members of the society during the World War, 1917-1918.

World War II

World War II Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946. This series contains records of approximately nine million men and women who enlisted in the United States Army, including the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Although incomplete, the records contain data for a majority of the enlistments in the United States Army during World War II.

World War II Registry. A list of individual Americans who participated in the war effort. Search for currently enrolled honorees, or enroll a family member or friend. Any U.S. citizen who helped win the war, whether a veteran or someone on the home front, is eligible for the Registry. Names in the Registry will be forever linked to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

United States, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942. Browse images of the actual documents. Work in progress.

World War II Prisoners of War Data File. This series has information about U.S. military officers and soldiers and U.S. and some Allied civilians who were prisoners of war and internees.

Civilian and Military Personnel Killed in Pear Harbour Attack on Dec 7, 1941 A comprehensive list of names.

World War II database of the American Battle Monuments Commission: Contains the 176,399 names of those buried at the Commission's cemeteries, those missing in action and those buried or lost at sea.

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing - U.S. Army and U.S. Army Air Forces Personnel (Images Online)

State Summary of World War II Casualties from U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Coast Guard Personnel (Images Online)

12th Air Force -  62nd Troop Carrier Group: Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster Recipients - 16 July 1943

WWII roster - U.S.S. Bosque (APA-135) : 49 officers and 457 crew members.

The Record of Deceased POWs in Japan During World War II. Mainly Commonwealth, American and Dutch casualties.

Records About Japanese Americans Relocated During World War II. This series contains personal descriptive data about Japanese Americans evacuated from the states of Washington, Oregon, and California to ten relocation centers operated by the War Relocation Authority during World War II.

Records of Duty Locations for Naval Intelligence Personnel 1942 - 1947. The records contain the following information about the military intelligence personnel attached to Naval Group China during World War II: name, rank or rate of pay, branch of service, muster roll date of reporting or detachment, date and duty location approximately every two weeks.

Korean War

Korean War Databases: Search the Killed in Action / Missing in Action database and the Remembrance Family and Friends database

The Korean Honor Roll database of the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Records of Military Personnel Who Died as a Result of Hostilities During the Korean War. This series contains selected descriptive data about U.S. military personnel who died by hostile means (i.e. battle deaths) as a result of combat duty in the Korean War.

State-level Casualty Lists from the Korean Conflict (1951-57)

Records of Repatriated Korean War Prisoners of War. This series contains information about 4,447 former prisoners of war (POWs) from the Korean War.

Records on Korean War Dead and Wounded Army Casualties. The series contains information about U.S. Army officers and soldiers who were casualties in the Korean War. According to the variable "casualty type," 27,727 records are for Army personnel who died, including personnel who died while a prisoner of war or missing in action. The remaining 82,248 records are for nonfatal Army casualties.

Records of American Prisoners of War During the Korean War. This series has records for 4,714 U.S. military officers and soldiers who were prisoners of war (POWs) during the Korean War and therefore considered casualties.

Vietnam War

Records with Unit Information on Military Personnel Who Died During the Vietnam Conflict. This series contains information on U.S. military officers and soldiers who died as a result of either a hostile occurrence, including while missing in action or while prisoner of war, or nonhostile occurrence in the Southeast Asian combat area during the Vietnamese Conflict.

Vietnam Veterans Memorialicon (FREE Database Online - Footnote) : Every-name searchable image of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the "Wall," in Washington, DC.

Records on Military Personnel Who Died, Were Missing in Action or Prisoners of War as a Result of the Vietnam Conflict. This series contains records of U.S. military officers and soldiers who died as a result of either a hostile or nonhostile occurrence or who were missing in action or prisoners of war in the Southeast Asian combat area during the Vietnamese Conflict, including casualties that occurred in Cambodia, China, Laos, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and Thailand.

American Women Who Died in the Vietnam War

Vietnam-Era Prisoner-Of-War/Missing-In-Action Database This database contains 134,311  records.

Records of Deceased, Wounded, Ill, or Injured Army Personnel, Including Dependents and Civilian Employees 1961-1981. This series contains information about U.S. Army personnel and their dependents who died or were injured worldwide, including missing in action and prisoners of war. Approximately 85 percent of the records relate to the Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975.

Records of Awards and Decorations of Honor During the Vietnam Conflict. The series contains information about some of the awards and decorations of honor awarded to U.S. military officers, soldiers, and sailors, and to allied foreign military personnel.

Misc. Databases

Victims of the Gander Newfoundland Plane Crash - December 12, 1985 (archived website - may be unavailable or slow to respond). On Thursday, December 12, 1985, the chartered DC-8 plane carrying 248 members of the 101st Airborne Division of Fort Campbell, Kentucky and 8 crew members returning home for Christmas from peace keeping duties in the Middle East, crashed during takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland.


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