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Oklahoma Surname Search  

Index to Oklahoma Territorial Records : 1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census and Smith's First Directory of Oklahoma Territory (1890)

1890 Territorial Census of Oklahoma (partial)

Oklahoma District Court Records. Search District Court Public Records from Participating Oklahoma District Courts.

Oklahoma Family Group Sheets

Oklahoma Marriage Project. This project endeavors to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications and other Marriage Records.

Choctaw Nation Marriage Index 1890 - 1907

Lands West of Arkansas 1860 Census : a census for Indian Lands in which a U.S. Marshall and his five assistant marshalls enumerated all the 'white and free inhabitants in the territories west of Arkansas'.

Indian Lands, West of Arkansas 1860 Federal Census. This area is now in the State of Oklahoma.

Indian Pioneer Papers Index. Interviews that deal with people of all nationalities with first-hand experience of Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory, not just the Indian population. The Indian Pioneer Papers are the result of more than 11,000 interviews conducted in 1936.

Cheyenne and Arapahoe Schedule of Land Allotments - Oklahoma 1891

1891 Allotments Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation in Oklahoma Territory : Allotments No. 164-314, No. 315-446, No. 447-3300

1893 Cherokee Strip Land Run (Oklahoma). This is a list of names of those who claimed land in the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893 and registered at the Enid Land Office.

Lawmen and Outlaws of the Oklahoma and Indian Territory and the State of Oklahoma

1915 Census of Wichita Indians on the Wichita and Caddo Reservation, Kiowa Indian Agency, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Executions 1841-1966 (archived website - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

  • Adair County

    Adair County, Oklahoma 1920 Census

  • Atoka County

    Atoka County, Oklahoma 1930 Census

  • Beaver County

    Beaver County, Oklahoma Cemeteries

    Madison Cemetery, Beaver County, Oklahoma

  • Beckham County

    Beckham County, Oklahoma Cemetery Records

  • Cleveland County

    Cleveland County, Oklahoma Marriage Index 1895 - 1907

    Cleveland Co., Oklahoma - 1891 Probate Court Abstracts

  • Garvin County

    Garvin County, Oklahoma Marriage Records, 1907 - 1929

    1900 Chickasaw Nation Census, Garvin County, Oklahoma

    1910 Garvin County, Oklahoma Census

    1920 Garvin County, Oklahoma Census

  • Grady County

    Grady County, Oklahoma Cemeteries

    A Time Remembered, The Verden, Oklahoma Cemetery (Grady County) : List of interments from headstone inscriptions, funeral home and cemetery records, and area newspaper. Free online edition of this book by N. Dale Talkington published in 1999.

    1900 Chickasaw Nation Census, Grady County, Oklahoma

  • Greer County

    Greer County, Oklahoma, Marriage License 1901-1930 Grooms Index.

    Greer County, Oklahoma 1912-1918 Death Index

    Marriages from Old Greer County, Oklahoma Newspapers 1898-1906

  • Jackson County

    Jackson County, Oklahoma 1920 Census (US Census Project)

  • Jefferson County

    Jefferson County, Oklahoma 1920 Census (US Census Project)

  • Kingfisher County

    Kingfisher County, Oklahoma 1890 Territorial Census

    Kingfisher County, Oklahoma 1900 Census

    Indian Population, Oklahoma Territory, Reserve Township, Kingfisher County, 1900 Census

    1900 Indian Population Schedule, Oklahoma Territory, Kingfisher County - June 1900

    Kingfisher County, Oklahoma Landowners of 1906

    Birth - Marriage - Death Records of Native American families from Kingfisher County, Oklahoma and surrounding areas

    Land Allotments in the 1906 Atlas of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma

  • Kiowa County

    Kiowa County, Oklahoma Veterans.

    Kiowa County, Oklahoma Honor Roll Call.

  • LeFlore County

    Skullyville Cemetery of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, LeFlore County, Oklahoma. Skullyville Cemetery is the first burialground of the Choctaw People west of the Mississippi.

    LeFlore County, Oklahoma Marriages Books 1 & 2 (1907-1910).

  • Logan County

    1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census (Partial - Mainly Logan County)

  • McClain County

    1900 Chickasaw Nation Census, McClain County, Oklahoma

    McClain County, Oklahoma Marriage Index 1907 - 1929

    1920 McClain County, Oklahoma Census

  • Murray County

    Census of Murray County, Oklahoma

  • Muskogee County

    Muskogee County, Oklahoma Cemeteries

    Porum, Muskogee County, Oklahoma Personal Tax Assessment List, May 21, 1920

    Muskogee County, Oklahoma City Directories : 1901, 1903, and 1916.

    Muskogee County Funeral Home Records

    1930 Muskogee County, Oklahoma Taxpayers (excluding the City of Muskogee)

  • Nowata County

    Nowata County, Oklahoma 1910 Census (US Census Project)

    Nowata County, Oklahoma 1920 Census

  • Payne County

    Civil War Veterans buried in Payne County OK

  • Pottawatomie County

    Indian Territory, Quapaw Agency Lands, Shawnee Nation, Shawnee, White Population

  • Stephens County

    1900 Chickasaw Nation, Stephens County, Oklahoma

    Stephen County, Oklahoma Marriage Index 1907-1912

    Stephens County, Oklahoma Obituary Diary of Guy Rangeley

    Civil War Veterans Buried in Stephens County, Oklahoma

    Stephens County, Oklahoma Cemetery Records

  • Tulsa County

    Known Union Veterans Buried in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

    Known Confederate Veterans Buried in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

    Tulsa, Oklahoma Cemetery Inscriptions: Headstone inscriptions from different sections of Rose Hill Cemetery

  • Woodward County

    Woodward County, Oklahoma 1900 Census Index


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