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Missouri Genealogy Records  

Missouri Pioneers. A compilation of settlers that settled in the state of Missouri by 1890 submitted by people doing historical research and family histories. Email contact information is provided.

Missouri Birth & Death Records Database : An abstract of the birth, stillbirth, and death records recorded before 1910 and that are available on microfilm at the Missouri State Archives.

Missouri Death Certificates, 1910 – 1955. A searchable index that links to a digitized image of the original death certificate. This is an ongoing project.

Missouri Deaths and Burials, 1867-1976. Name index to death and burial records from the state of Missouri.

Missouri Death Index. Over 35,000 names.

Missouri Territory Census, 1805

Index to French & Spanish Land Grants in the St. Louis, Missouri Area

Missouri Judicial Records Database. The Judicial Records database provides an index and abstract of selected civil, criminal and probate court cases from county courts to the Supreme Court.

Missouri Coroner's Inquest Database. The Coroner’s Inquest Database is an abstract of records that have been indexed and are available for online research. The original records are available on microfilm at the Missouri State Archives. The database contains records from various counties, the City of St. Louis, and the St. Louis Medical Examiner.

Missouri Land Patents: 1831 - 1969. The Land Patents database contains over 35,500 transcribed patents containing information from the state-issued land patents which can be useful in placing an individual in a specific location at a specific time.

Descriptive Recruitment Lists of Volunteers for the United States Colored Troops for the State of Missouri, 1863-1865. Source includes key documents for 5,000+ African Americans who enlisted in the U.S. Colored Troops at a Missouri recruiting station. Search by either name of recruit or name of former slave owner.

Slave Compensation Claims Found in the Compiled Service Records of the 18th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops (Missouri). During the Civil War, two acts of Congress allowed loyal slave owners whose slaves enlisted or were drafted into the U.S. military to file a claim against the Federal government for loss of the slave’s services.

Missouri List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883 (archived Website - may be unavailable, incomplete, or slow to respond).

WWI, Company M 354 Infantry. Company M was organized in September 1917 at Camp Funston, Kansas, with members from Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Missouri Marriage Project. This project endeavors to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications and other Marriage Records.

Missouri Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955. Volunteers are transcribing naturalization data from various county record books and from Supreme Court of Missouri record books to produce a database of immigration information.

Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri : Burial Search

Missouri Family Group Sheets

Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database. The Missouri Supreme Court database provides an index and abstract of the criminal and civil court cases that were appealed to the territorial and state Supreme Court of Missouri up to 1857, and a partial listing of cases to 1871. A number of documents in the earliest cases date from the 1780s and 1790s, under the rule of French and Spanish governments, and are written in the French language.

Memorial to the President by Citizens of the Louisiana-Missouri Territory, 27 Dec 1805 : Names A-K, Names L-Z

Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers, 1861-1866

Name index to the book The History of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis: A Condensed History of the Catholic Church in Missouri and Saint Louis: 10,000+ entries

Missouri Casualties in the Korean War, 1950-1957

Fallen Missouri Fire Fighters 1838 - 2003

Ernst Moritz Arndt Passenger Lists, 30 November 1853. Passengers on the Ernst Moritz Arndt passenger ship departed from Bremerhaven, Germany and arrived in New Orleans on 30 November 1853. This list includes only the passengers that indicated St. Louis as their place of destination. The list includes the name of the passenger, age, sex, occupation, and hometown.

Legal Correspondents of Wilber Mercantile Agency in Missouri, 1917

Missouri Executions 1810-1965

  • Audrain County

    Audrain County, Missouri 1840 Census

    Audrain County, Missouri 1850 Federal Census

  • Benton County

    Benton County, Missouri Cemeteries

    1850 Slave Schedule Census Benton County, Missouri

  • Butler County

    Census Butler county Missouri 1860

    Butler County, Missouri 1900 Census

  • Cedar County

    Stockton Cemetery, Cedar County, Missouri

  • Chariton County

    1896 Chariton County, Missouri Corps of Teachers

    Chariton County, Missouri Naturalization Records

    Early Chariton County Missouri Land Owners : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

    Missouri Census Records: Chariton county: 1840, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 Special Veterans, 1900 - Lynn County 1880, 1890 Special Veterans, 1900 - Macon County 1890 Special Veterans, 1900, and more.

  • Christian County

    Vaughan Cemetery, Ozark, Christian County, Missouri

    Roller Cemetery, Christian County, Missouri (archived Web page - may be unavailable, incomplete, or slow to respond)

  • Clay County

    Clay County, Missouri 1900 Census

  • Cooper County

    Cooper County, Missouri Surname Researchers

  • Greene County

    Greene County, Missouri, Records :
    - Abstract of Circuit Court Record Books 1833-July 1866
    - Chronological Listing and Index to Divorce Records 1837-1950
    - An Index to the Register of the Alms House 1875-1955
    - Index to Coroner's Record Books of Greene County 1875-1972
    - An Index to the Justice of the Peace Docket Books 1835-1885
    - An Index to Naturalization Records in the Greene County Circuit Court
    - An Index to Greene County Stray Records

  • Jackson County

    Jackson County, Missouri Department of Records : Official Public Records Database. Official Public Records consist of all publicly accessible documents recorded by this office and may include deeds, mortgage documents, easements, assumed names (d.b.a.), powers of attorney, bills of sale, and liens.

    Jackson County, Missouri Marriage Records from 1831 : Applications and licenses.

  • Kansas City
    See Clay County, Jackson County, and Platte County

  • Macon County

    1914 Macon County, Missouri Rural Route Directory

  • Mississippi County

    Mississippi County, Missouri 1880 Census

  • Pettis County

    1850 Slave Schedule Census Pettis County, Missouri - District 68

  • St. Charles County

    St. Charles County, Missouri Misc. Church Baptisms 1834-1987

    1876 State Census Index, St. Charles County, Missouri

    History of St. Charles County, Missouri (1765-1885) : Surname Index.

    St. Charles County, Missouri Probate Records Index

    St. Charles County Historical Society Obituary Collections Search

    St. Charles County, Missouri Scanned Wills from Will Book I 1822-1833 (pdf document)

    St. Charles County, Missouri Scanned Wills from Will Book II 1833-1852 (pdf document)

    St. Charles County, Missouri Marriages 1805-1854

    St. Charles County, Missouri Naturalization Records Index 1834-1849

    Membership of the First Presbyterian Church 1818-1849, St. Charles County, Missouri

    Rentals in St. Charles Commons 1840 - 1841, St. Charles County, Missouri (archived Web page - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

    St. Charles County, Missouri Guardian Bonds 1853-1889

    Index to burial or removal permits issued in St. Charles County, Missouri 1927 - 1942

    St. Charles County, Missouri World War II Marriages. List of marriage licenses granted by a judge during World War II, where the waiting period was waived.

  • St. Genevieve County

    Petition by Inhabitants of St. Genevieve District, Louisiana-Missouri Territory :
    25 Jun 1805 : District 1 - 229 names
    26 Jun 1805 : District 2 - 200 names

  • St. Louis County

    Spanish Land Grants in St. Louis County, Missouri

    1776 St. Louis, Missouri Census

    1776 Census of the Catholic Graveyard, St. Louis, Missouri.

    Earliest Registers of First Catholic Church in St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri Tax List, 1805

    The Old Tax Lists of 1811–1812, St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri 1821 City Directory

    Cholera Epidemic of 1849, St. Louis, Missouri

    1850 St. Louis County, Missouri Mortality Schedule Index

    St. Louis Obituary Index 1880 - 2000. A compilation of the St. Louis Public Library. This index of names was obtained from both the Death Notice and the Burial Permits listing, as well as Obituary Articles, found in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

    Earl Fischer Database of St. Louisans (Missouri). Earl Fischer was a Life Member of the St. Louis Genealogical society until his death in 1999. Throughout his life, he collected information on St. Louisans, which he compiled into a computer program. The result is a database of nearly 30,000 individuals in nearly 7,500 families.

    Index to Register of Births, St. Louis County, Missouri 1883–1895

    St. Louis County, Missouri Marriages 1754-1825

    St. Louis, Missouri Marriage Contracts, 1764–1854

    St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri Marriages, 1876–1881

    Holy Ghost Deaths, 1846–1848, St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri Naturalization Index Cards 1816-1906

    St. Louis, Missouri Naturalization Index 1890-1915

    Catholic Priests in St. Louis, MO Area, 1841-1869

    St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Project. The St. Louis Circuit Court retains millions of records that document the judicial, social, cultural, and economic history of the city, county, state, and nation. This project is a broad partnership of government, university, legal, and business organizations to preserve and make available these unique judicial records to the citizens of Missouri and the nation.

    Plat Book of St. Louis, Missouri 1930

    Name index to the book Southwest Saint Louis: Its Mercantile Interests and Prominent Citizens : 600+ entries.

    Index to Register of Stillbirths, St. Louis County, Missouri 1883–1908

    St. Louis, Missouri Enlistees Extracted from Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army, 1798-1914 (Regular Army)

    St. Louis, Missouri Fire Department Deaths, Pre-1914

    Surnames being researched with St. Louis connections

    Repeal Association of the Friends of Ireland, St. Louis, Missouri 1842 : 172 names.

    Index to The Diamond Jubilee Anniversary History of the Fratellanza Society [Italian] in St. Louis, Missouri (1941). Over 2900 entries.

    Kennedy's 1860 St. Louis, Missouri City Directory

    Name Index to the Pitzman 1878 Atlas on St. Louis, Missouri

    Deaths of St. Louis, Missouri Police Officers, 1861–1899

    Name index to St. Louis French newspapers. Le Patriote (The Patriot) was a French-language newspaper published in the 1870s and 1880s for the French-language population of “The West” and later for the immigrant Alsace-Lorraine community in St. Louis, Missouri. This is an index to the St. Louis news columns for the surviving issues from 1878, 1884, 1886, and 1887. La Revue de l’Ouest (The Review of the West) was a French-language newspaper published in 1854, and possibly other years, in St. Louis, Missouri. However the only existing copies that have been found are for the year 1854. This is an index to the St. Louis news columns for the 1854 issues on microfilm.

    Westliche Post Obituaries 1880-1884 (St. Louis, Missouri German-language newspaper)

    Index to the Carondelet News 1903-1905 (St. Louis, Missouri). The geographic area covered by this newspaper includes both the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Mo.

    St. Louis Argus Obituary Index (Missouri) : 1915 to 1945 with some gaps. The St. Louis Argus serves as a valuable resource for deaths in the local African-American community.

    St. Louis, Missouri Obituary Index : 1880 to 2006 with some gaps. This index of names was obtained from both the Death Notice and the Burial Permits listing, as well as Obituary Articles, found in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Includes WWI and WWII casualties.

    Name Index to St. Louis County, Missouri Will Book, 1876–1889

    St. Louis County (Missouri) Watchman-Advocate Index 1881-1882

    St. Paul's Lutheran Church Records (Des Peres, St. Louis County, Missouri). Baptisms 1849-1909, deaths 1851-1891.

    Ellisville, St. Louis County, Missouri : St. John Lutheran Baptisms, 1854–1874

    Holy Cross Lutheran Church Baptisms, 1858–1871 (St. Louis, Missouri)

    Burials in St. John’s Lutheran, St. Louis, Missouri 1865–1900

    Index of Immanuel Lutheran Church Records, St. Louis, Missouri. Currently online : Index to baptisms 1848-1909 and index to marriages 1848–1920.

    Early Records from Manchester, St. Louis County, Missouri, Methodist Church

    Merchants Exchange Members’ Deaths, 1875–1910, St. Louis, Missouri

    Frank Blair Post No. 1, GAR 1905 Index, St. Louis, Missouri : Union veterans living in St. Louis in 1905.

    Fratellanza Society Burial Records, St. Louis, Missouri. Italian immigrants started the Unione Fratellanza Italiano Society on 12 November 1866.

    New Mt. Sinai Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri Death Register 1850-2004 : Jewish cemetery, (pdf documents).

    St. Louis, Missouri House of Refuge, July 1854 - January 1899 : Name Index

    1914 St. Louis, Missouri Fire Department Roster

    St. Louis High School Senior Class Alumni Lists (Missouri)

    Modern Woodmen of America Membership, St. Louis, Missouri 1883-1915

    Greater St. Louis (Missouri) Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame 1974-1999

  • Texas County

    Big Creek Cemetery, Texas County, Missouri

    Hamilton Cemetery, Texas County, Missouri

  • Vernon County

    Vernon County, Missouri Probate Index

  • Washington County

    Washington County, Missouri 1830 Census

    Washington Co., Missouri Birth Book 1882-1893 Index

    Washington County, Missouri Death Book 1883-1892, 1973-1976 Index

    St. James Church, Washington County, Missouri, Partial List of Baptism Records 1827 - 1892

    St. James Church, Washington County, Missouri : Various Marriage Records, 1827 - 1904

    St. James Church, Washington County, MO : Various Burial Records, 1845 - 1921

    St. Joachim Church, Washington County, Missouri : Partial list of baptism records 1820 - 1899

    St. Joachim Church, Washington County, Missouri. Various Marriage Records, 1821 - 1899

  • Wayne County

    Wayne County, Missouri Cemeteries


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