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Europe Surname Search  

Genealogies of European Royal Families

  • Albania

    Tirana Park Memorial Cemetery, Albania. A World War II memorial cemetery.

    Albania Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Andorra

    Andorra Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Austria

    Austria Vienna Population Cards. These cards represent residence registrations from 1890 until 1928 with most cards dating between 1910 and 1925. Although the registrations took place during this range, the birth dates recorded in the registrations can date back several previous decades.

    Mennonite Genealogy Data Index: Austria

    WWI Aces of Austria-Hungary. Honoring WWI pilots granted the designation of Ace. Biographies, medals and decorations, photos, etc.

    Schrattenthal Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Lower Austria. Schrattenthal is located in Lower Austria, on the former crossroads between Moravia, Bohemia and Austria.

    Southern Waldviertel Family History Project Data. The Waldviertel or "Forest Quarter" is a picturesque semi-mountainous region less than an hour's drive west of Vienna, Austria. The aim of the project is to document all families living in select Catholic parishes between 1600-1900.

    Austria Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Belarus

    Street Map of Antepolia Before 1942 : A map of Antopal, Belarus listing residents.

    Ellis Island records for Bereza and Antopol, Belarus

    Belarus Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    1924 Business Directory, Dvorets, Belarus

    Street Map of Kartuz Bereza Before 1942. A map of Biaroza, Belarus listing residents.

    Kartuz Bereza Sections of Various New York State Cemeteries. Kartuz Bereza (or Biaroza) is a town in Belarus.

    1874 Borisov Revision List, Belarus. These Revision Lists for Borisov Uyezd contain names from the following towns in Belarus: Berezino, Borisov, Dokshitsy, Es'mony, Kholopenichi, Krasnolutsk, Logoysk, Nestanovichi, Okolovo, Pleshchenitsy, Shamok (Shamki), Smolevichi, Velyatichi, Zembin.

  • Belgium Genealogy Databases

  • Bosnia/Herzegovina

    Bosnia and Herzegowina Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Bulgaria

    Bulgaria Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Bulgarian Jewish Names

    Bulgarian Jewish Deportees from France (Shoah) (pdf document)

    Burials in the Jewish Cemetery of Shumen, Bulgaria

    Listing of Bulgarian Jewish (Sephardic) Soldiers Killed During the Balkans Wars and WWI 1912 CE - 1918 CE

  • Croatia

    Directory of Croatian Surnames. The directory contains more than eleven hundred surnames borne by Croats and other nations living on the teritory of the Republic of Croatia.

    Central Slavonia, Croatia Baptismal, Burial and Marriage Records c. 1700-1900. Data online for 7 parishes : Bogičevci, Cernik, Nova Gradiška, Oriovac, Staro Petrovo Selo, Štivica, Vrbje.

    Index to Death notices found in Voce Giuliana from 1989 to 1998. The majority of the notices are from the Istrian peninsula of Croatia.

    Croatia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Cross Index of Croatia Surnames (and Locations) in Roman Catholic Parishes of Croatia (archived Web site - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

    Surnames of Konavle, Croatia. This list shows over 98% of the surnames of Konavle since around 1800.

  • Cyprus

    Cyprus Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Czech Republic

    German-Bohemian Immigrant Surname Database

    Moravian Immigrant Database Index

    Czech republic Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948. Images and some indexes of baptisms/births, marriages, and deaths that occurred in the Roman Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran, and Reformed Church parishes, as well as entries in those registers for Jews. These images are of original parish records created by local priests of each parish now stored in the regional archives of Litoměřice, Třeboň, and Zámrsk. Births are available through 1906, marriages through 1936, and deaths through 1948.

    Canadian Immigration - Extracts From the Immigration Report of 1887 Pretaining to Settlement in the West : Bohemian Colony

  • Denmark

    The 1700 census of men in Denmark : The following counties are online : Frederiksborg, Skanderborg, and Akaer (later part of Arhus County).

    Danish Censuses 1787 - 1916

    The Danish Emigration Data Base. Search emigration lists compiled by the Copenhagen Police from 1869 to 1908 (394.000 emigrants)

    Danish Probate Index: Thisted, Viborg, Aalborg, & Randers Counties

    Bornholm, Denmark Land Tenancy Books for 1662 (partial)

    Danish Census of School Children, 1730s

    Bornholm, Denmark Land Tenancy Books for 1658 (partial) compiled by the Swedish Crown which then ruled the island.

    Bornholm, Denmark Land Tenancy Books for 1689 (partial)

    Oeders Eftr. 1771. Oeders Eftr. of married couples, widowers and widows from Sjćlland, Amager, Mřn and Bornholm, Denmark (In Danish).

    Denmark Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Estonia

    Estonia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Political Arrests in Estonia 1940-1988

    Estonian casualties in Second World War.

    Eesti Vabariigi kaadriohvitseride saatus 1938-1996 : Destiny of Estonian officers 1938-1996.

    Album Academicum Universitatis Tartuensis 1918-1944. Academic album of Tartu University, Estonia. Note : you can browse all 31402 names in the database by leaving all fields blank and clicking on Osti (in Estonian)

  • Finland

    HisKi project: Database of the Genealogical Society of Finland. includes lists of christenings, marriages, burials and moves.

    Finnish Cemeteries In Finland, United States and Canada

    Database of Immigrants from Ostrobothnia, Finland

    Finnish Genealogy : Name Indexes to Printed Publications : An index compiled by the Genealogical Society of Finland.

    Finland Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • France Genealogy Databases

  • Germany Genealogy Databases

  • Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Vital Records Index : Gibraltar Births and Baptisms, 1704-1876, and Gibraltar Marriages, 1879-1918.

    Gibraltar Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Greece

    Index to Transcript of St Paul's Anglican Church Registers - Athens, Greece : Baptisms and marriages 1834-1945, burrials 1840-1945.

    Greece Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Greeks to America in 1892 - Surnames : A to C, D to G, H to P, Q to Z

  • Hungary

    Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1920. Images of births, marriages and deaths records for Hungary.

    Zichydorf, Torontal County, Hungary 1828 Land Census

    Zichydorf, Hungary : Queen of The Rosary Roman Catholic Church Baptisms 12 Jul 1789 - 31 Dec 1842

    Known and Suspected Zichydorfers in Saskatchewan, Canada. Zichydorf is an Hungarian village where about 85% to 90% of the population were German Catholics : Surnames A-K, Surnames L-Z (archived Web pages).

    Known and suspected Zichydorfers in the 1901 Census of Canada - Southern Saskatchewan (archived Web page).

    WWI Aces of Austria-Hungary. Honoring WWI pilots granted the designation of Ace. Biographies, medals and decorations, photos, etc.

    Most frequent surnames in Hungary in 1891

    Hungary Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

    Canadian Immigration - Extracts From the Immigration Report of 1887 Pretaining to Settlement in the West : Hungarian Colony

  • Iceland

    The 1816 Census of Iceland

    Iceland Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Icelandic settlers in Utah

    Canadian Immigration - Extracts From the Immigration Report of 1887 Pretaining to Settlement in the West : Icelandic Colony

  • Ireland

  • Italy

    Italian Surnames: Ethymology and Origin

    L'origine dei cognomi. Origin of Italian surnames (Web site in Italian)

    Il Significato Dei Nomi Propri. Signification of Italian surnames (in Italian)

    Italian Records at RootsWeb

    L'Italia dei Cognomi : Distribution of Surnames in Italy

    The meaning of Sicilian Names

    Florence Catasto of 1427 (Italy). This is a World Wide Web searchable version of tax assessment data for the city of Florence in 1427-29.

    Calabrian Surname Interests

    Italian Emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil
    Free registration required.
    - The United States data bank contains the files on about 200,000 Italian emigrants recorded in the Ship Passenger Lists who arrived in New York between 1880 and 1891.
    - The Argentinian data bank is made up of 1,020,000 files on Italians who arrived in Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1920. The information is taken from the disembarkment lists.
    - The Brazilian data bank is mainly based on information taken from the embarkment registers of ships leaving Italy, to which have been added checks and additions through other archive sources. The information covers about 27,000 Italian emigrants who arrived in Vitoria between 1858 and 1899.

    Caduti di Arandora Star (archived Web page - may be unavailable or slow to respond). People who died when the Arandora Star was sunk in WW II. Mainly Italian names, along with birth date, place of birth (mainly in Italy), and place of residence at time of death (mainly in the UK)

    Estratto dal Catasto Onciario, Fallascoso 6 settembre 1753. Fallascoso, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy 1753 census (in Italian.)

    Fallascoso, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy Emigrants to the U.S. 1886-1923 (archived Web page - may be unavailable or slow to respond). Fallascosani who traveled together thru Ellis Island, NY and were on their way to Philadelphia, PA.

    Fallascoso, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy Birth, Marriages and Death - year end index 1812-1865 (archived Web pages : may be unavailable or slow to respond).

    WWI Aces of Italy. Honoring WWI pilots granted the designation of Ace. Biographies, medals and decorations, photos, etc.

    Florence Tratte of Office Holders 1282-1532 (Italy). This site gives access to a database (c. 165,000 records) with information about office holders of the Florentine Republic during its 250-year history.

    Italian Immigrant Ships to the U.S. Passenger Lists : Browse or Search

    Montefusco, Avellino, Campania, Italy Records of Births thru Deaths

    Italy Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Latvia

    Latvia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Talsi, Latvia Records

  • Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Lithuania

    Lithuania Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg GEDCOM Database. Over 220,000 individuals.

    Luxembourg Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Luxembourg Parish/Civil Records Index, 1600-1890

    Septfontaines, Luxembourg Misc. Records. Census and vital records.

    Useldingen and Rippweiler, Luxembourg Marriage Index 1623-1793 (archived pdf document)

    Luxembourg Napoleon Soldiers Database

    Médaillés de Ste-Hélčne Luxembourgeois. Soldiers from Luxembourg who fougth with Napoleon between 1792 and 1815, and who were still living in 1857. (In French, pdf document.)

    Passenger List for Emigrants from Luxembourg and Surrounding Areas. Compiled out of the Luxemburger Gazette (pdf document).

    Benelux Births or baptisms, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

  • Macedonia

    Macedonia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Malta

    The Origins of the Maltese Surnames

    Malta Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Moldova

    Moldova Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Monaco

    Monaco Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Montenegro

    Montenegro Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Netherlands (The)

    Yvette's Dutch Genealogy Database. The database features almost 40,000 people and roughly covers the 1500-1900 period. Most of them are from Winterswijk, Aalten, Bredevoort and Dinxperlo. The database includes over 2,000 emigrants to the United States and their families.

    Rotterdam Municipal Archives’ Digital Family Tree (The Netherlands). Search for possible forfathers who lived in Rotterdam or former independent municipalities near Rotterdam.

    Digital Family Tree of the Archiefdienst Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Search the registers of births, marriages and deaths of the city of Amersfoort and neighbouring municipalities.

    Digital Family Tree of the Municipal Records Office of the City of Delft, The Netherlands

    Digital Family Tree of the Leiden Municipal Archives, The Netherlands. Records belonging to the surrounding communities of Zoeterwoude, Warmond, Leiderdorp and Rijnsburg have also been placed in the custody of the Leiden Municipal Archives.

    R.K. Trouwboek Schokland 1812-1851 : Schokland, Flevoland Province, The Netherlands Roman Catholic marriages 1812-1851 (in Dutch.)

    Certificate database of the City Archives of 's-Hertogenbosch : Birth, marriage and death certificates from s'Hertogenbosch, Empel, Engelen and Bokhoven, the Netherlands from 1811 to 1932.

    Digital Family Tree of the Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven region of The Netherlands. If you are looking for ancestors that have lived in the Eindhoven region you can use this index to search a collection of baptismal, marital and funeral registers up to 1811 and the registers of births, deaths and marriages from 1812 of the Eindhoven region.

    Digital Family Tree of the Archiefdienst voor Kennemerland, The Netherlands. Search church registers of baptisms, marriages and funerals, and Registry Office records.

    Benelux Births or baptisms, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

    Atomz Search Engine Family Announcements : death, births, marriages, etc. out of Dutch and Belgian newspapers (mainly in Dutch).

    Baarle Marriages 1616-1709. Includes Baarle-Hertog (Belgium), Baarle-Nassau (The Netherlands), Castelré (The Netherlands), Ulicoten (The Netherlands), and Zondereigen (Belgium) (in Dutch.)

    Population of Baarle-Nassau (The Netherlands) in 1811 (pdf document, in French and in Dutch)

    Netherlands Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

    Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base. Database of the Center for Research on Dutch Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Part of the database consists of a collection of genealogies submitted by amateur genealogists and edited by a group of volunteers of the Israeli Circle for Dutch Jewish Genealogy.

    Rawboots Dutch Genealogy : GEDCOM database, over 250000 entries.

    Middelburg, The Netherlands Jewish Cemeteries. Burials at Ashkenazi cemetery, Walensingel, Middelburg, 1759-1946, and Sephardic burials at Jodengang cemetery in Middelburg 1656-1727.

  • Norway

    Norway Vital Records 1634-1927. Data submitted by volunteers over the past 30 years : Baptisms - Marriages - Burials

    Norway Name statistics : How common your name is in Norway?

    Norway Heritage. The transcriptions are done by a group of volunteers dedicated to get all (most) of the pre 1875 Norwegian emigrants listed in the database. There are currently over 70,000 passengers from more than 450 journeys in this database.

    Digitalarkivet - The National Archives of Norway Web site. Features several databases: census records, death records, tax lists, and more.

    Norway Probate Registers Database (1600-2001)

    Digitised Parish Registers from the National Archival Services of Norway. The microfilm department of The National Archives of Norway holds close to all parish registers delivered from the priests´ office to The Regional State Archives, ie. nearly 11 000 registers with a total of 1,85 millions of microfilmed pages. A work in progress, all the material should be published by 2008.

    Archives of Norway Military Database (1655-1890)

    Norway Census Records : 1801 - 1865 - 1875 - 1900

    Trřndelag, Norway Emigrant Biographies

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Land Registers : 1838 - 1890 - 1950

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Vital Records Databases : Births - Marriages - Deaths

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Probate Records Database : Indre Sogn - Other

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Censuses : 1701 - 1801 - 1825 - 1835 - 1845 - 1855 - 1865 - 1900

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Emigrants 1874-1924

    County of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway Migration Records Database

    Matrikkelutkastet av 1950 : Norway's draft land registry from 1950 containing all real estates outside the cities with the name of the owner in 1950 (in Norwegian).

    Norway Emigrants Database (1811-1930)

    Norway Tax Lists Database (1519-1826)

    Norway Citizenship Database (1600-1916)

    Norway Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

    Norwegians in the U.S. Civil War

  • Poland

    Poland Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

    Pommerscher Verein Freistadt Database Search. A genealogy database in pedigree format, which originates from the ancestral information submitted by descendants of Pomeranians. There are currently over 103,000 names in the database. Much of Pomerania was ceded to Poland at the end of WW II.

    Lomza Yizkor Book Index This document is designed for genealogical researchers who are interested in research in the city of Lomza, Poland.

    Families and Individuals originating from Narol (Lubaczow), Rzeszow, Poland

    Polish Soldiers in France. This dadabase compiles information on Polish Soldiers who died during the Second World War and were buried in different cemeteries in France.

    Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States, Volumes 1-13. Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship for the United States was compiled in 1926 and delivered to President Calvin Coolidge to honor the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. The collection includes the greetings and signatures of national, provincial, and local government officials, representatives of religious, social, business, academic, and military institutions. Volumes 7 through 13 present the signatures of students and faculty of secondary schools, as well as some elementary schools.

    1943 Address Book of Gerlachsheim (archived Web page : may be unavailable or slow to respond). Gerlachsheim was a German village that now belongs to Poland.

    Germany, Posen, Church Book Duplicates, 1800-1874. Images of the state copies of some parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials. Most of the Posen villages are now in Poland.

    Ryglice and Uniszowa, Poland Selected Vital Records 1774-1896 : Baptisms - Marriages - Deaths

    Jodlowa and Dembowa, Poland Selected Vital Records 1778-1920 : Baptisms A-K, Baptisms K-Z, Marriages, Deaths

    Buffalonians in the Polish Army (Buffalo, Erie County, New York (archived Web page).

    PGSNYS Members - Surname List : Various Polish surnames that members of the Polish Genealogical Society of New York State are researching, with contact information.

  • Portugal

    Obituary Index : Azores. Index to obituaries of individuals born in the Azores. Mainly 1998-2002.

    Portuguese Genealogist Master List

    List of Persons of Portuguese Descent who left Trinidad to serve in the Great War

    Madeira, Portugal Baptism Database. Search baptism registers of Porto Santo before 1911, Săo Martinho (1860 to 1911), Santo António (1894 to 1910), Săo Roque (1860 to 1911), Monte (1894 to 1911), Santa Luzia, Sé e Săo Pedro (1894 to 1911).

    Madeira, Portugal Marriage Database. This database of the Regional Archives of Madeira includes all pre 1911 marriages.

    Portugal Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Romania

    Jews of Radauti (Romania) Victims of the Holocaust in Transnistria, 1941-44

    Romania Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Russia

    ODESSA ... a German-Russian Genealogical Library. Browse or search over 300 Mbytes of data.

    American Historical Society of Germans from Russia - Ancestors List

    American Historical Society of Germans From Russia Obituary Collection Index

    Germans from Russia : Index to the 1798 census for the Lower Volga Valley Villages. Surnames : A-L, M-Z

    The American Historical Society of Germans From Russia: Surnames in Passenger Ship List Indexes

    Origin and Meaning of Doukhobor Surnames. This glossary compiled by Jonathan J. Kalmakoff contains roots and meanings of 569 Russian surnames occurring among the Doukhobors, together with over 2,600 English spelling variations.

    Revision lists of Gansau / Hansau, 10th revision, 1857 : Revision lists concerning Mennonites emigrating from Prussia in 1855-1856 to Russia, Samara gubernia, Novousensky uezd, 1857 Nov 8 (archived Web site - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

    Deutsch-Michalin Mennonites. The earliest Mennonite settlement in Russia started in Deutsch-Michalin in 1787. Records for this early period have not surfaced. We know the names of emigrants from Montau for 1804-1805 who show up later in Deutsch-Michalin.

    Kuban Colony Census, 1869 (Mennonites, South Russia)

    Schoenhorst Register, Chortitza Colony South Russia. The register was taken to Canada after World War II and is currently in the possession of a family in Vancouver. Copies of the register are available at the Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies and the Mennonite Heritage Centre, both located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    1814 Chortitza, Russia Landowners List

    Births, Marriages & Deaths, Chortitza Colony, Russia 1801-13. Free download of gedcom files from the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta (links at the bottom of the right hand column.)

    Chortitza, Census of October 14, 1797. A census of the following South Russia Mennonite villages : Chortitza, Rosental, Insel Chortitza, Einlage, Kronsgarten, Kronsweide, Neuenburg, Neuendorf, Schoenhorst, and Schoenwiese.

    1801 Census, Chortitza Colony, South Russia

    1847 Molotschna Colony Voters' List (Mennonites, South Russia)

    Rohrbach, South Russia Births, Deaths, and Marriages 1835-1885. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Glueckstal, South Russia Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1900. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Lists of Mennonites emigrating from Danzig to Russia 1804-1805

    Freudental, South Russia Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1885. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Eigenheim, South Russia Births and Deaths 1861-1884

    Migration of Mennonites from West Prussia to Russia 1820 - 1841

    Kratzke - Brent Mai's Research Germans from Russia. Details on over 12,000 families from Prussia (Germany) & Russia.

    Germans from Russia : The Lower Volga Villages Obit Project

    Volhynian, South Russia Births, Deaths, and Marriages 1835-1885. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Zuerichtal, South Russia Births, Deaths, and Marriages 1833-1839. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Censuses for the Yazykovo Colony : 1858, 1869, 1873 (Mennonites, Russia)

    Index to the 1835 Molotschna Census (Mennonites, Russia)

    Vaccination Records, Chortitza Colony, 1809 an 1814 (Mennonites, Russia)

    Russia Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

    Membership List, Karpovka Mennonite Brethren Church, Sointsevsk Council Borough, Isil-Kul District, Siberia. Includes birth year (ranging from 1856 to 1916)

    Russian Archives Online

    Immigrants from the Russian Empire (LI-RA-MA). The Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers collection (LI-RA-MA) contains documents created between 1898 and 1922 by the consular offices of the Russian Empire in Canada. The series on passports and identity papers is comprised of about 11,400 files on Jewish, Ukrainian and Finnish immigrants who came to Canada from the Russian Empire. The series includes passport applications and questionnaires containing general information.

  • San Marino

    San Marino Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Scandinavia

    Scandinavian LDS Pioneer Index

    Vital Records Index at Currently, only the Vital Records Index for Mexico and Scandinavia are available online.

    1870-1871 : Passenger List of the England, England to New Zealand (archived website) - About 110 passengers, many recruited from Scandanavia for New Zealand under the Vogel Immigration Scheme.

  • Serbia

    Serbia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Slovakia

    Jakubany, Slovakia Church Records 1772-2004+.

    Slovakia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Slovenia

    Everyname Master Index A-Z of Slovenian Church Histories Volume I. This volume contains indexes from 26 Slovenian-American church histories.

    Slovenia Genealogy Search at Geneanet

  • Spain

    Distribución territorial de apellidos. Details the distribution of surnames in Spain by province.

    Index to the Enciclopedia Heráldica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa. The structure of this 88 volumes work provides an index in each volume. As the work progressed, supplemental names were added, breaking the alphabetical continuum. Without perusing all the volumes one could never be sure that an article may have been missed. This present automated index, compiles all the names mentioned in the respective indices and allows a comprehensive search of all volumes at one time.

    List of survivors of the first voyage around the world (mainly Spanish names)

    The Conquistadors of the Yucatan 1526-1546. A list of 160 of the individuals that served the King of Spain with Francisco de Montejo from 1526 to 1546.

    1495 Census of Blesa, Aragon, Spain.

    Bezana, Navarre, Spain Births to the year 2000

    Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century

    Apellidos del pueblo de Uncastillo (Zaragoza), Aragón, Espańa (archived website). Common surnames of Uncastillo, Aragon, Spain, their meaning and the moment in the history of the town where they appear for the first time.

    Spain Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Sweden

    Swedish Records at Rootsweb. This database contains 4,575,640 birth, deaths, marriage and census records (136222 distinct surnames). Selected counties and parishes of Sweden.

    ANNO 1890 : The Swedish Census 1890 : Covers the following Swedish Counties: Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Värmland

    Gravsten-Sök. A database of nearly 46,000 pre 1900 gravestones in Sweden (in Swedish)

    Indexes to books about Swedes in America : Swedish Element in Rockford (Illinois); Swedish Settlements in Iowa and Western Illinois; Swedish Blue Book (1927); Svenskarne i Illinois (the Swedes in Illinois) (archived Web page - may be unavailable or slow to respond).

    Sweden Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Switzerland

    Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts : 20,825 bank accounts designated as "probably" related to victims of Nazi persecution.

    Fideris, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    Küblis, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    Maienfeld, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    Serneus, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    St. Antönien, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    Untervaz, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland 1835 Census

    Foreigners in Haute-Garonne, France : from Switzerland 1888 to 1894

    Switzerland Genealogy Search at GeneaNet

  • Ukraine

    Busau Church Records, Busau, Crimea 1884-1941 (Mennonites, Ukraine)

    Ethnic Germans in the Ukraine : Village Reports for Adelsheim, Bereslaw, Blumengart, Burwalde, Eichenfeld, Kronsthal, Neuendorf, Osterwick, Schoenhorst, Tiege (Early 1940s, mainly Mennonite surnames.)

    Yazykovo Colony Census Lists, State Archive of the Zaporizhzhe Region, Zaporizhzhe, Ukraine.

    Grossliebental, South Russia Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1885. Today in Ukraine. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Neusatz, Crimea Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1869. Compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Ukraine Genealogy Search at Geneanet

    Odessa City, Ukraine Births, Deaths and Marriages 1840-1885. The data source is the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS. Also some pre-1833 Odessa area births.

    Misc. Kutschurgan Documents. The Kutschurgan is a river northwest of Odessa in the country that is now called Ukraine. In the early 1800s villages were established there for immigrants from Alsace, Pfalz and Baden. Documents from the villages of Baden, Kandel, Elsass, Mannheim, Selz, and Strassburg are currently online.

    Ukraine : Zhitomir Evangelische Lutherische Kirche : Membership list, circa 1933

    Zhitomir area, Ukraine Expropriation lists 1915

    Parish of Alt Elft, Bessarabia, South Russia (located on the territory of today's Ukraine) : Birth Records, 1855-1863, Marriage Records, 1820-1899, Marriage Records, 1900-1920

    Bessarabia, South Russia Births, Deaths and Marriages 1833-1885. This information was compiled from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS.

    Village of Beresina Family Group Records, 1834 (Bessarabia, Ukraine)

  • United Kingdom

  • Vatican

    Vatican City Genealogy Search at Geneanet


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