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Arkansas - Hempstead County

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Hempstead County

15 December 1818
Formed from:
Arkansas County

Part of territory
taken to establish:
Old Miller County 1820
Lafayette County 1827
Sevier County 1828
Union County 1829
Pike County 1833
Saline County 1835
Columbia County 1852
Little River County 1867
Nevada County 1871
Howard County 1873

Bounded by:
Pike County
Nevada County
Lafayette County
Miller County
Little River County
Howard County

County Seat:
Former County Seat:
Other Communities:
Spring Hill

Population (2000):

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Free Surname Search - Arkansas - Hempstead County  

  • Cemeteries

    Hempstead County, Arkansas Cemeteries

    Pioneer Cemetery, Old Washington, Arkansas

    Hempstead County, Arkansas Gravestone Photos.

  • Census Records

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1820 Census Reconstructed

    1830 Hempstead County, Arkansas Territory Census Name Index

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1830 Census Surname Index

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1840 Census Surname Index

    Clark, Hempstead, and Pike Counties, Arkansas 1840 Federal Census Index

    Hempstead, Arkansas 1850 Federal Census (US Census Project)

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1850 Census (USGenWeb Project)

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1860 Slaveholders and Surnames Matches for African Americans on 1870 Census

    Hempstead County, Arkansas 1870 Census

  • Military Records

    World War One, List of Soldiers Who Died, Hempstead County, Arkansas: List of names, with their nearest of kin

    Families of Indigent Soldiers of Hempstead County, Arkansas: 1862 (pdf document)

  • Vital Records

    Black Marriages, Hempstead County, Arkansas 1843-1875

    Hempstead County, Arkansas Marriages 1817-1875

  • Misc. Records

    Hempstead County, Arkansas Federal Land Records. This file was compiled from the Bureau of Land Management land records and includes Homestead and Cash Entry Patents before 1908 for what is now Hempstead Co, AR.

    Hempstead County, Arkansas Migrations Project

    Freedmen's Bureau Records Relating to Freedmen's Labor 1865 - 1869. The freedmen's labor contracts, which the bureau assisted in drawing up, consist of agreements between freedmen laborers and planters stating terms of employment. Area covered includes : Hempstead, Arkansas.

    Hope Phone Directory-1929 (Hempstead County, Arkansas).

  • Marketplace

    Arkansas Genealogy Auctions : Arkansas


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